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  1. Plan to slash remand time

    CRIMINAL TRIALS IN BARBADOS are about to undergo a significant shift. People charged with indictable crimes, especially murder, may soon spend less time on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison at Dodds,...

  2. Girls put on layaway plan

    SOME MEN ARE reported to be offering mothers a so-called layaway plan to secure their young daughters when they reach the age of consent. The plan is not dissimilar to the system that allows a customer...

  3. Unions must ‘unite to end disrespect’

    UNLESS THE FRACTURED trade union movement is unified and the apparent rivalry between union leaders ended, they will continue to be disrespected. In his 2017 May Day message, general secretary of the...

  4. Thompson’s last dance

    IT IS BELIEVED that 60-year-old Andrew Thompson had his final dance on Thursday night. At that time he was celebrating the birthday of a Balls Land Christ Church resident at the nearby Balls Bar....

  5. Andrews factory case being fast-tracked

    A HIGH COURT decision on the future of the proposed multi-purpose sugar facility at Andrews in St Joseph could come within the next three months. Before that, attorneys involved in the substantive...

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