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  1. Thirty-six-year-old Bay Land, St Michael resident, Malcolm Nelson, has just published a book about love relationships on the international platform,

    True Love Letters To My Exes is highly entertaining and witty book as it describes previous relationships which all “ended on good notes.”

    Nelson highlighted that the book was uploaded on Amazon on the 17th August but became available for download on Kindle from the 21st August 2017.

    When asked why he wrote a book with such a title, he told Barbados TODAY,

    “I am someone that always cherishes stuff and they are actually true love letters that I wrote and stored them in my drawer. So, I told myself I want to start writing and using the talent that God give me. So, I took up the letters that were in the drawer, touched them up a little and turned them into a book,” the debut author said.

    Nelson noted that the four women to whom he had written love letters have all shaped him into the man that he is today. “These are the four young ladies that I would say have guided my life to where I am right now. Each of them has a different strength in them and has guided me to where I am,” he said.

    He said two of the ladies have been notified about the book’s publication and the others should not be worried as he created an alias in each case.

    “It was Ok cause at the end of the day the ladies are named by the nicknames that I named them, so no one knows who [they] are,” he said.

    Nelson said so far he has seen a good number of sales coming in for his book which is not the only he has written. He has also published another short book entitled 10 biggest deceptions in life.

    The book describes many of the things that we as human beings have been deceived by and or deceive others about ranging from relationships to religion.

    “10 biggest deceptions in life are things that I see every day that humans discuss. They discuss it and still don’t do anything about it [and] the problems that they have. So, I decided to write about the ten things that have a cloak over our eyes, to try and help to awaken the people,” Nelson said.

    He pointed out that for him the two major deceptions are in relationships and religion. He explained the latter — religion.

    “Well most people, as I cannot say everybody, [are] into being a Christian, some people may be Muslim, some people may be Hindu and I believe that everyone serving the same person. But they still think that there is some difference to each of those. But yah know religion is religion. Find who you love and fall in that path,” he said.

    Nelson has high hopes for the book. He is looking to promote it more starting from next week.

  2. The Ellerslie Secondary school is the latest public secondary school to add a sixth form.

    Principal of the Black Rock, St Michael learning institution Lieutenant Colonel Errol Brathwaite made the announcement Wednesday as he addressed the Caribbean Organization of Tax Administrators (COTA) 2017 essay competition presentation ceremony at the school.

    He said the sixth form, which is scheduled to begin with 17 students, would focus on the area of business studies.

    “It is a special day having the Minister of Finance as well as our friends from the Barbados Revenue Authority here because as we begin our sixth form our focus is going to be on business – the management of business, entrepreneurship and accounts. So we may very well be calling upon you [BRA Revenue Commissioner Margaret Sivers] for assistance in those areas to ensure that our students get the very best results that they can achieve,” said Brathwaite.

    Congratulating Aliah Hazzard, the winner of the COTA essay competition, who is a product of the Ellerslie Secondary School and now taking part in that institution’s work and study programme, Brathwaite said he believed more of such competitions could help “take away some of the lawless behaviour that we have seen plaguing our society”.

    “It is through these avenues that we provide meaningful activities for our young boys and girls to become involved,” he said, adding that such competitions were also important in helping young people to develop certain life-long skills.

    Some of the latest schools to get a sixth form include the Foundation School, St Michael School, Springer Memorial School, the Alexandra School and St Leonard’s.

    Last year education officials promised that Ellerslie Secondary School, Coleridge and Parry, Deighton Griffith Secondary School and the Alleyne School would be added to the list of schools to have a sixth form.

  3. Popular Jamaican dancehall artiste, Alkaline, will be the headline performer when a new entertainment event, Island Fest, makes its debut here next month.   

    News of this from Danielle Singh, representative of Les Iles Entertainment, as she spoke at the media launch for the October 15 event last Thursday.

    Singh said Island Fest would be unique in its offerings. Alkaline would be performing for an entire hour, she said, so that patrons will fully get their money’s worth.

    Singh said while it is the first time for the staging of the show, she already has her sights set on making it a regional event. “We want to be a premium event focused around patrons,” she explained.

    “It will go throughout the Caribbean territories and it is intended to be an annual event in Barbados,” she added. “I want to bring a Bajan invasion to certain territories. St Kitts, Bermuda and St Lucia are our targets for the next near.”

    Also down to perform at the debut of Island Fest will be local acts Stiffy, Jagwa and upcoming rapper Rico Maserati.

    Singh promised a whimsical event pushing a lot of positive vibes, as she noted that she had put a lot of time and effort into its conceptualization and creation.

    “This is not a project that I brainstormed overnight and it happened the next day,” she said. “This was a long a battle.”

    The event has attracted a number of sponsors including Swift Pac, Ticket Pal and Bryden Strokes.

  4. For 20-year-old Jared Burton, art is much more than just decorative. It is an instrument of change and progression.

    In a candid interview with Bajan Vibes, Burton described himself as driven, explorative and imaginative.

    Some of Burton’s work which explore colonial imagery

    “Whatever subject matter I’m exploring, I like to approach it from the most unexpected angle I can think of rather than something cliche,” he stated.

    “I tend to stay away from what might be expected of a Caribbean artist, like beach scenes or palm trees. My work instead has begun to focus on social issues.”

    Burton made the decision to begin addressing social issues in his art back in 2015.

    “I initially made a painting about taxes being implemented on the people of Barbados. The piece featured a skeleton in the foreground with Bajan colours in the background,” he explained.

    “The whole idea behind it was that the skeleton represented death, as in the only way to escape all these taxes is death. It’s titled Try to Tax Me Now,” he added.

    Burton has moved from current affairs to history. “Some of my more recent explorations have dealt with colonial imagery in contemporary Barbadian society,” he said.

    The theme, he explained, came from mere observation. “It’s something I just began to notice as I made my way around the island; places like Queen’s Park or even the statue of Nelson in Heroes Square. All these things hold their roots in a time period which doesn’t reflect contemporary Barbados but yet they’re held with significance. Nelson is no hero of ours but yet he’s in Heroes Square,” he stated.

    Burton, who is into the final year of his Bachelor’s in Studio Art degree, said he always had an interest in art. “From the time I was a child, even when it was just for my amusement, but I truly started to pursue it in 2013 when I started my associate degree in Fine Art but I really only devoted myself in 2015,” he said.

    When the young artist was asked to name a tutor who has had a major impact on him, he wrestled with the question for a while. “Well, a couple tutors come to mind, but I think Mr Winston Kellman has really been a huge help in assisting me through some of my ideas,” Burton said.

    “Many times I would have an idea for artwork and if, for whatever reason, I can’t translate that idea visually, I can always count on Mr Kellman to bring up some visual references to move the idea forward,” he added.

    Besides the guidance of his tutors, Burton has always had the support and encouragement of his family, including for his decision to pursue art professionally.

    “Very early on, I sold my first painting and it was hands down one of the proudest achievements of my career thus far because just the thought that someone would be so interested in my work to want to own it, was something I couldn’t imagine until it happened and it was really motivating,” he reminisced before describing the piece.

    “It was called I’m Lovin’ It and it featured a green monkey eating a Big Mac and it was about the Americanization of Barbadian culture.”

    A great influence is Burton’s favourite artist, Egon Schiele. “I think I have several favourite artists but one that has really stood out to me has been Egon Schiele. The way he approached the figure in his art was really unique and breathtaking.”

    Looking ahead, Burton wants to expand and showcase his work in more places. “I’ve had my work shown at the Barbados Art Council, NIFCA and recently during CARIFESTA but when I think of five years down the line, I would like to have my work shown in galleries around the world and perhaps have my work in some collections.”

  5. Despite heavy rain, the highly anticipated opening of the 2017 season of Mahalia’s Corner, came off with a bang last Sunday night at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

    Loyal supporters of the Corner braved the showers and packed the venue in expectation of enjoying a night full of talent. They certainly got a treat.

    Patrons were thoroughly entertained by resident band 2 Mile Hill with their set. A lot of hidden talent was unearthed during the Open Mic session, which included Dario Piggott singing a beautiful rendition of the late . Prince’s Purple Rain

    The audience did not have a momentto recover. Right afterwards came the spotlight artiste of the week, Jody Smith. He sang an original called Believe and a medley of popular songs which particularly resonated with the female members of the audience who stood at times in a show of appreciation for his angelic signing.

    However, the man of night was Lil Rick, who was the one patrons came to see. He brought even more energy to the Corner.

    From the time the reigning Party Monarch graced the stage, the crowd immediately rose to their feet. His 30-minute set was filled with a number of recent and older hit songs.

    The audience was extremely appreciative of the different genres of his musical presentations. Backed by 2 Mile Hill, Rick displayed versatility, singing spouge, jazz, rock & roll and R&B along with his popular soca and old dub songs .

    He told Bajan Vibes afterwards: “I enjoyed myself more this year because I was more comfortable. The second time around was better for me. As an artiste, I felt honoured to see the crowd sing along and back at you. That is so sweet , I just enjoyed myself.”

    Mahalia also spoke to Bajan Vibes. She said: “It is an amazing feeling to have had seven seasons. When it started, it was just a little thing and now I can work with people like Lil Rick that I never thought I would have met, to have him and the other artistes come and inspire everybody “

    Mahalia revealed that the show this year will be including regional soca artiste, Patrice Roberts, out of Trinidad and Tobago.

    “This would be the first time that we ventured outside of Barbados to have a featured artist. We are one Caribbean, we are one people, everybody has something to share, to teach and to learn. We have more vibes and positivity in store, more creativity and more life.”

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