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  1. First Citizens Crop Over Xplosion was off to a great start this afternoon as Barbadians of all walks of life were treated to a host of exciting activities.

    Intermittent rain did not deter people as they arrived at King George V Memorial Park with numbers picking up just after 3 p.m. Barbadians could be seen eating snow cones, visiting stalls with their families and enjoying Tuk Band music.

    The first ever Pop Up exhibition by the Barbados Museum and Historical Society attracted those interested in learning about the history of the festival.

    The Rum Shop was also a popular stop to enjoy the island’s finest rum and socializing with others.

    One Barbadian who called herself The Jewelry Woman, expressed her pleasure with the shop, saying, “I like the whole concept of having a rum shop . . . I feel everything local in here and I feel that this is my heritage, growing up as a child and seeing people in a rum shop so I’m enjoying it I’m loving it”.

    The Souse Eating Competition caught the attention of many who watched four contestants chow down on a plate of souse, with Devere Sealy emerging the winner.

    Attendees told Barbados TODAY that although the day started off relatively quiet, they were relaxing and anticipated tonight’s performances. Theresa Stuart said she liked the way in which the activities were spread across the park and found the road tennis competition to be interesting.

    Tonight’s performers include Lil Rick, STIFFY, Nikita, Marzville, Iweb and Edwin.


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  2. 1. I am the father of two children; Mykyla King and Mason King.

    2. When I am not working or performing I enjoying riding bikes.

    3. One artiste I would like to work with is Lil Rick.

    4. I would like to experiment with different types of soca like ragga soca and dub.

    5. A food I like to eat everyday is a burger with onions, cheese and bacon.

    6. One of my craziest fan moments to date was watching persons cry at one of my performances.

    7. I am 5 feet 11 inches tall.

    8. I have released 13 songs in the space of two years.

    9. One artiste I look up to Gorg because he always gave me good advice and supported my music.

    10. I am also releasing a Sweet Soca song with SuperLynkz.

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  3. Public Figure, MC and Talk Show Host, Joel Bajan DJ Khalid Manning is a 25-year-young man who is focused on empowering people by using his voice as his platform to inspire and motivate his peers and the wider society to do better.

    He told Bajan Vibes that he is energetic about using his talent to influence change, “I’m passionate about speaking, whether it is motivational, hosting or being an MC. It is about using my voice the best I can to impact as many people as I can… My interest right now, strictly speaking, is being able to impact several lives.”

    Joel added that even though he takes motivational speaking seriously, he’s an everyday kind of guy. “I enjoy watching crickets, sports on a whole and soca and carnival; that is a major part of my life, [I’m] just a regular human being seeking to be the best version of myself that I could be,” he said.

     So how did he get started? According to Joel, the journey wasn’t by some divine intervention but started as a simple joke.

    “I was messing around on my Snapchat one morning and I was calling it ‘motivational morning with Manning’ and I was making sport and dropping various quotes that I had written down. I realized that people were taking an interest and they appreciated the openness of them,” he explained.

    His motto comes from the famous comedian Kevin Hart’s words - “The goal is being popular as a human-doing and not as a human-being.” So, it wasn’t long before Joel started to take his talent seriously.

    “Speaking was definitely something that [was dominant] through my entire life. From preschool right through to sixth form at Queen’s College, I would always have ‘too talkative’ [written] on my report.”

     Joel told Bajan Vibes that he launched his own TV show called Cross Talk because he wanted to utilize his creativity so that he could fully build on his brand.

    Armed with only a dream and literally no budget, he launched the show. “Season 1 was an eye opener because I did not know how people would receive the show given that I was branching off on my own and I didn’t have the backing of a name. It was a pain but it was also rewarding. Given that nobody truly knew about it, I had to sell the concept hard,” he said.

    Cross Talk featured interesting individuals and [it was] about diving into the topics and being able to be myself because that is one the thing I found difficult in working for a company,” Joel said.

    Due to the overwhelming success of the first season, he was able to secure a major sponsor for the second season and is he now planning for season three which he said will be coming very soon.

     Joel had some advice to those who are at a crossroads education-wise, “The one thing I have found is that there is no one path, there is no one way and you do not have to figure it all out now. People think that by age 18/19 you need to know what you want to do in life; there are some people who can get that done and it works for them and [others] need to explore life.”

     He pointed to his own self as an example because he is pursuing a master’s degree in Financial Management after doing a bachelors degree in Human Resource Management.

     “There were some people who looked at me and said I seem to be all over the place and not knowing what I want to do. At one point in time that bothered me, but it doesn’t any more. I don’t mind being all over the place because my experiences contribute to who I am today,” Joel said.

     In the short term, Motivational Manning is hoping to have more speaking opportunities, and to drive home the idea of improving your personal brand.

     “I believe that, as it pertains to what’s next for me, I shall let life decide that one. Whatever opportunity presents itself, then that’s what I shall dive head first into and take it stride by stride from there.”

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  4. Zane Corbin received top honours at the St James Parish Independence Committee talent show when he wowed the judges with his steel pan performance of Red Plastic Bag’s Boat Rideon Saturday night at the Learning Centre, St James.

    During the hour and a half long show, which showcased five acts, Corbin fought off Talibah Davis who also played the steel pan for the top spot. She did a rendition of Bless The Lord Oh My Soul.

    Meanwhile, crowd favorites, the Full Hype Dancers came in third. The all-male group brought the energy to the venue as they danced to popular local songs Hit It by Gabby, Colours by Natalie and Shackle Out by Porgie and Murda.

    Also making appearances were the Western United Star 4H Band and the Western United Star 4H Group. The 4H Band performed Mighty Gabby’s Emmerton while the 4H Group danced to Sanctuary’s song Mega Monday.

    Saturday’s Talent Show also comprised guest performances by the St. Silas Sunday School and the Capricorn Line Dancers. The top performers have secured a place at the Zonal Parish Talent Show, slated for September 22, where they will vie for a spot to perform at the Spirit of the Nation Show.

    The 2018 St James Parish Ambassadors, Ryan Herbert and Shae Coulthrust were very impressed with the talent and commended the performers on a job well done.

    The pair also used the occasion to speak to the audience about their Parish Project titled, ‘St James We R.E.A.D.Y’ (Reaching Everyone Across Districts Yielding strong resilient communities). The Project focuses on disaster preparedness and the work to be done by the Ambassadors includes community clean-ups and the formation of first aid groups within the parish. Members of these groups will be first respondents in cases of emergencies.


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  5. For the last 24 years, Barbadians have enjoyed the masterpieces created by visual artists, both newcomers and veterans, at the Courtney Blackman Grande Salle at the Tom Adams Financial Centre headquarters of the Central Bank.

    This year, that exhibition will take on a new dimension, as the former Crop Over Visual Arts Exhibition has now become the Crop Over Visual Arts Festival.

    The festival element will take place on Saturday, June 30, starting at 10 a.m. The National Cultural Foundation’s Officer in charge of Visual Arts Rodney Ifill, said “This year, we will be introducing an Art Walk, stretching from Queens Park to the Church Village Green here at the Central Bank. Some 45 artists will be taking part in this festival, and we will have four booth spaces in Church Village Green and six in Queens Park. Our artists will be displaying art, craft, jewellery, and will also be demonstrating weaving, basketry and ceramics techniques. There will also be a tuk band walking around, and we will have ‘busking’ going on, along with other forms of musical entertainment.”

    Chief Executive Officer of the NCF Cranston Browne added, “This festival will also allow Barbadians to discover their ‘inner artist’ and add their own creativity to a mural that will later adorn the Central Bank’s surroundings.” He also lauded the Central Bank for the 24 years they have sponsored the Visual Arts Exhibition and encouraged other businesses to follow the bank’s lead and purchase more local artwork. “This exhibition sensitizes Barbadians to the talent we have here, and as we continue to keep our cultural and creative industries at the forefront, festivals like this will be essential components of the cultural industry. I urge Barbadians to support our artists and explore art’s economic potential, and I hope the private sector will get on board and purchase pieces to display in their offices the way the Central Bank does.”

    Speaking on behalf of the Central Bank, Manager of the Frank Collymore Hall Fran Wickham-Jacobs, expressed similar sentiments to Browne and noted this year’s theme was Memories - From Then Till Now. She also revealed that the bank had recently signed another three-year contract with the NCF to continue sponsoring the event.

     Following the Art Walk on June 30, Barbadians will get the opportunity to see the artwork on display from July 1 to August 4 at the Central Bank. Admission is free of cost to both the exhibition and the Art Walk. (DH)

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