A black man exposed the racist behavior of FBI and a black "house negro" female judge sentenced him to 4 years

A black man exposed the racist behavior of FBI and a black

Former FBI agent 39-year-old Terry James Albury was handed a four year sentence plus an additional three years of supervised release for his action to leak documents that exposed the racist nature of the FBI elites.

Albury told the court that he chose to leak the documents because he felt the FBI policies were an act of racial profiling which he regarded as “suspicion” and “disrespect.” His attorneys said Albury acted out of “conscience” and was troubled by the racism within the bureau.

A Black "house negro" female U.S. District Judge Wilhelmina Wright sided with her white husband and friends and said Albury abused his position as an FBI agent and placed the United States in danger. What she really meant is that he placed WHITE people in danger. She is the type labeled as "oreo" -- black people who believe they are white inside because they act and think like white people.

Albury's attorney said the penalty was unfair and harsh and will certainly affect the house hold income and his 2 young kids. It was as if he was a common multi-offender criminal. The house negro judge stated that she wanted to set an example.

agent-terry.jpgFormer FBI agent Terry Albury leaving court after sentencing by black female judge

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