Rihanna launches Fenty Beauty Line

Rihanna launches Fenty Beauty Line

Rihanna's Beauty Line

2017 has brought numerous breakthroughs in makeup, everything from glitter lipstick to burgundy mascara. However, none have revolutionized the industry quite like Rihanna Robyn Fenty’s new line Fenty Beauty. 

No other makeup line can match the variety found in Rihanna’s collection. Inclusivity is at the core of every one of the 40 foundations that have critics raving. Rihanna has been a household name since 2007, ten years later and she is still breaking barriers and shining her bold light on societal norms. 

Rihanna has ambushed society in a way no other artist has, she has given a solution. It is no secret that dark skinned women have difficulty finding foundation and powders to match their skin tone; it is something the fashion and makeup industries have ignored and pushed aside for decades. Rihanna has given dark, medium, light, and every shade in between an exact match; she has given the power back to diversity and is making sure it looks damn good in pictures. 

Fenty Beauty is a wakeup call, this is a boisterous scream that has turned the world of cosmetics upside down and has given them no other option than to change. The Barbados native has taken her time building her collection, making certain to have a color for every skin tone. Rihanna worked alongside Kendo, which is known for their controlling and possessive opinions about their products. However, surprisingly Rihanna made the bulk of the decisions; she was the mastermind behind the entire line. 

As if Fenty Beauty wasn't enough of a breath of fresh air, it has been confirmed it is a cruelty-free brand. Her groundbreaking launch happened on August 8, 2017; Makeup lovers, artists, and fans can hold this date dear to their hearts as it will be seen as one of the most inspirational debuts the cosmetic industry has ever seen.


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