Season for Carnival

Season for Carnival

The World's biggest Carnivalis held in Rio Brazil with over two million revellers on the streets. Carnival is celebrated in cities across Brazil, with the largest celebration with the most spectacular celebration is in Rio with the centre of attention being Sambadrome, a canyon-like parade route lined with spectators gathered to watch the energetically choreographed procession of the samba schools, escorting gigantic floats with historical and political themes.

mindelo cape verde. photo by mic dax

Mindelo, Cape Verde which is located off the west coast of Africa is the island nation of Cape Verde, their annual Carnival is an amazing extravaganza. The traditional centre is the port city of Mindelo, where tens of thousands of revellers gather for samba-inspired music, and costumes that range from pretty feather-and-sequin creations to head-to-toe layers of paint, mud, or oil, recalling J’Ouvert celebrations across the Atlantic in the Caribbean.

cape town south africa

Cape Town, South Africa unlike most other Carnivals, Cape Town’s Minstrel Carnival falls not in the days before Lent, but at the start of the New Year, on 2 January. With its heart in the Bo-Kaap neighbourhood (or Malay Quarter) at the foot of Signal Hill, the Minstrel Carnival began during the era of slavery and evolved over two centuries into a commemoration of Cape Town’s creole culture, reinvigorated after the end of Apartheid. Like traditional minstrel characters in Trinidad Carnival, Cape Town’s minstrel troupes were influenced by nineteenth-century minstrel bands from the United States — subverting a racist tradition and transforming it into a celebration of the mixed-race “Cape Coloured” community and its perseverance.

new orleans

New Orleans, United States, Mardi Gras festivities in Louisiana started in the then a French colony and dates back to 1699, predating the founding of New Orleans. Opening on 6 January, the Mardi Gras season includes weeks of masked balls and parades, culminating on Fat Tuesday itself. Spectators vie for “throws,” trinkets like beads and wooden coins, flung into the crowds by revellers riding on decorated floats. Another distinctive element: “tribes” of Mardi Gras Indians from New Orleans’ black communities, in costumes influenced by Native Americans, performing traditional dances and songs.


trinidad carnival

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival is a blaze of color, costume art and a great parade with Steelpan music. Known as the biggest street party on Earth- Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival is officially celebrated on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday every year. The Trinidad and Tobago Carnival  is well known for participants' colorful costumes and exuberant celebrations. Central to understanding much of the Trinidadian psyche is to understand the festival culture of the island. And no festival is greater than the Trinidad Carnival. The dynamism of the festival has sparked its reproduction throughout the rest of the Caribbean island chain, and as far away as Toronto, New York, Miami and Notting Hill. But everyone knows that Trinidad is the “mother of all West Indian carnivals”, which attracts visitors from all over the world, including international celebrities like Halle Berry. Its roots are here.


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