Florida White Racist Officer Viciously Punch 14-Year-Old Black Girl During Arrest


This is the kinda bigoted evil by white cops that makes one celebrate their death with a bottle of champagne. The police chiefs have authorized their WHITE cops to brutally beat black people, regardless of gender or age. For this reason, these racist white pigs commit these inhumane acts brazenly without fear of penalty. This is the nature of today's "trumpism" bigotry.

Clearly the child is subdued by the bigot with his knee on her neck, yet he feels the power over her to be thumping her brutally in the ribs. The incident occurred in Coral Springs, FL on Friday Oct 19 at a mall. A fellow white bigot called the cops when a group of black teens had an uproar amongst themselves. The cops, having heard the word black, flocked to the mall with absolute hate intent. They threw the teen onto the ground and the pig started beating her. The white bosses signed off on the abuse and stated that he did the "right thing".

If that white pig went home and beat his wife in the same way because she stole clothes from a store, he would be arrested and imprisoned for 25 years. Why then is it OK to beat citizens? Oh yeah, it's because she's black! Fuck the racist pigs!

What this clearly reveals is that while black people march and protest, white people take action, and brutality on black people is their action. Of course this hate is not the action of all white people, but this hate action is done ONLY by white people.

If this shit does not boil your blood, you are one of them and you are a fucking bigot!

Code Of Hammurabi

Saying it like it is!

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