You Heard It From Me

You Heard It From Me

I Don’t Hate President Trump for ending DACA

I dislike President Trump for many reasons, but his decision to end DACA is not one of them. For those who don’t know, DACA was a program instituted by President Obama in 2012 that gave immigrant youth who were illegally…

City of Orlando – Hurricane Irma Update

NEW UPDATES AS OF 9/15 @ 5 PM: DAMAGE TO HOMES AND BUSINESSES: 1,379 reports of structural and electrical damage to homes or businesses. To assist our residents and businesses, the City of Orlando has waived permit fees for hurricane…

Message from Comm. Dale Holness

This weekend Central Broward Regional Park and Stadium will serve as a Point of Distribution (POD) Saturday and Sunday, September 16-17from 8am to 6pm and will distribute water, ice and Meals Ready-To-Eat (MRE) until supplies are depleted. The Urban League…

Caribbean American Passport News Magazine - Who we are! What we Do!

Dear Reader, The Caribbean American Passport News Magazine is a community based publication that shares all the positive and amazing things that take place within our community. We have never and will never publish anything negative about members of our…

What Makes America Great

Let us truly examine what make America great, not again, but Great! America is a land built on the shoulders and back of immigrants. Every American, with the exception of the American Indians, can trace their heritage or ancestry back…

The Power Of Your Words

We sometimes under estimate the power of our own words and the impact of the things we say. Our words can be used as messages of empowerment, tools of destruction, daggers of pain, walls of division or separation and expressions…

Democrats vs. Republicans - 101

Another 4 years have gone by since we elected President Barack Obama and we find ourselves at a point in today’s history that is even more important than electing the First Black President in American history and it's not about…

The Transitions in Life

As we transition through our lives we cross various milestones, hurdles, successes and failures but we continue on our journey of LIFE. Our perspective could make the difference between our success and our failure. These are a few of my…

Positive Thoughts, Positive People, Positive Results

Caribbean and the minority communities have for so long struggled for survival and for our place at the table that we sometimes still think that there are limited opportunities and that we must therefore fight with each other for the…

Life, Legacy and Commitment

This year I turn the big 50, 50 years on this beautiful earth, with all these beautiful people experiencing all the greatness that life has to offer. Also, I forced to reflect on the past 50 years, or those that…
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Miami Broward Carnival - 2017


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