Embrace Your Past To Build Your Future

Embrace Your Past To Build Your Future

As we live our lives we experience triumphs, failures, sadness, disappointment; we clear our daily hurdles, climb out of our valleys of darkness, and soar on the highs of our accomplishments.

I’m a strong believer in the power of positive thoughts and a strong vision. If we maintain our focus on our dreams or vision we find ourselves clearing the hurdles as easy as a Olympic athlete in the 110 meter hurdles. If you look at the world’s greatest athletes as they run their races clearing the hurdles in front of them, they never look down, their focus is always straight ahead.

Everyone’s life will have its good days and its bad days. We’ve lived our lives and we’ve made mistakes along the way however, every mistake, every fall, every failure is an opportunity to learn, improve and keep on moving on. Embrace the mistakes or tragedies in your life because it’s those experiences that make you who you are today. Every experience you’ve had in your life has impacted you in some way or the other and has therefore changed you, improved you because you’ve learned from that mistake.

A positive mind-set is the greatest tool in your arsenal. I remember my senior year in college, I was getting ready to graduate with my degree in Civil Engineering and I was ready to take on the world, or so I thought. During the summer before I graduated I had worked with the family business back in Guyana and made an impression of a Jamaican company and they offered me a job in Jamaica after graduation. I finished all my required classes in May 1993 but I was going to actually graduate in July with the summer 1993 Graduating class. All my plans were set, I drove down to New York from Alabama A&M University, spent a few weeks with my brother before leaving for Jamaica. I was going to travel to Jamaica for the formal interview prior to coming back to the USA to graduate in July.

My flight was booked from JFK New York direct to Jamaica on May 27th 1993. I made arrangement with one of my buddies to give me a ride to the airport. My bags were packed and loaded, we were on our way to the airport. I never made it to Jamaica. On Kings Highway ring in front of Kings Plaza, I was involved in an almost head-on collision. I broke as many bones as possible, because that’s just how I roll….if you going to do, do it big. Just kidding. I broke both arms, my left leg (in 2 places), fractured 2 ribs, fractured my jaw, fractured the cranium under my left eye and needed stitched above my left eye and under my chin.

The point I’m trying to make, after telling you my life story, is that I never made it to Jamaica, never got the job there but with both arms in casts, and my left leg also in a cast, I met my wife. I worked with my physical therapist and pushed myself hard to recover. The accident was in May 1993, I made the Guyana National field hockey team and represented Guyana as the number 1 goalkeeper at the 17th Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games were held in Ponce, a city in southern Puerto Rico. The Games were held from November 19 to November 30, 1993.

My path changed, I embraced it and moved forward. I have lived a full life and I have gone through many experiences, good, bad, ugly and a whole lot in between. But every one of those experiences have made me who I am, changing anything from my past changes my future and changes me. I may not be perfect by I love me, I love my life, I love the people I’ve met along the way (not all)…..I love life with all of its imperfections. I remember these words from a song that played every morning before school in Guyana; in short “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”.

In simple words, embrace your past to build your future, it’s your life and your experiences, they make you who you are.  




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