Own the Life You Live – ‘Your Health’

Own the Life You Live – ‘Your Health’

The end of 2015 brought with it an opportunity to spend quality time with your friends and family, enjoys the festivities of the season and a time of reflection.

2015 was a great year, I think….I really don’t remember the whole year but maybe that’s a sign of age. Let’s see ‘January’ - there was Martin Luther King Jr activities…then Zora Neal and the end of February, so let’s call those 2 months “King Zora Black History”. My memories of the month of March are a blur, May and June seemed to combined into one month that I’ll call “Ma/Ju”, July I slept the first half of that month recovering from “MaJu”, the first half of August flew by (because Aleia was leaving for University….it happen too fast I wasn’t ready), and the last few months from September thru December, let’s call them “SepOctNoDec”……I don’t know.….it just happened!!! If or when you see me, please remind me of all that happened during “SepOctNoDec”. That summarizes 2015. I will accept that 2015 only had 6 months….“King Zora Black History”, April, “MaJu”, July, August and “SepOctNoDec”.

Reflection – In the last quarter we lost 2 Aunt’s, one was Guenet’s biological Aunt, Aunt Evelyn…..I was known to her as “Cuz”, and the other was Aunt Dor, Marcia Miller and Sandra Fatmi’s biological Aunt, but I was her favorite….nephew/boyfriend/handyman…etc. Aunt Evelyn was a simple woman who had the biggest heart. I remember the simple things about her, she could make 3 slices into a ½ pound of cheese and it’s done, she always had a smile on her face and she always greeted me as “Cuz”. She welcomed me into the Gittens family with an open heart and great generosity. She may not have had too much but she was always willing to give. She gave us the gold to make our wedding rings….every time I look at my wedding ring I remember her and every time I slice the cheese. Aunt Dor was a fireball to everyone else but the sweetest of old ladies to me so it didn’t matter what everyone else said.…..I got all the love I needed from her. She was a sports fanatic, every sport, she just loved sports. She had an amazing spirit and was a master domino player. I met her in her golden years here in Orlando and I could only imagine what she was like as a young lady with the fireball Jamaican personality. She had an energy for life and an unconquerable spirit. These to ladies will be greatly missed, their bodies may have failed them but their spirts will live on forever in the hearts and live of the people they have touched.

Learning Point – Own the Life You Live – ‘Your Health’. The point behind this message about these two amazing old ladies is not really to let you know just how amazing they were and how much they will be missed but the second to last sentence in the above paragraph says it all “their bodies may have failed them”. They bodies may have been old and therefore failure was inevitable but I ask you this – “Are you taking care of the body you have today”, I know that I’m not and that I’ve got to make a change.

2016 – “Own the Life You Live”; I’m 49 years old, turning 50 year old in June of this year and I’m making a personal challenge to you now. I intend to do whatever it takes to get myself into the best shape of my life before my 50th birthday. My body weight is 263 pounds of solid muscle…..below a layer of accumulated padding or as they say back in Guyana – I’m thick-skinned. This is my challenge, I intend to lose 60 pounds before my 50th birthday (or I’ll postpone turning 50 years old until I lose 60 pounds…..just kidding). Join me in this challenge; send me your personal goal, set the date and let us ‘Own the Life We Live’. My email address is – put “Own the Life You Live” in the subject of the email and let us start this journey together.

Remember the world’s greatest journey begins with your first step. I will always remember the words of a gospel song that played every morning while I was growing up in Guyana as my inspiration - “One day at a time sweet Jesus, that’s all I askin of you, give me the strength to do every day what I have to do, yesterday’s gone sweet Jesus and tomorrow may never be mine. Lord, help me today, show me the way, one day at a time”.




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