Life, Legacy and Commitment

Life, Legacy and Commitment

This year I turn the big 50, 50 years on this beautiful earth, with all these beautiful people experiencing all the greatness that life has to offer. Also, I forced to reflect on the past 50 years, or those that I can remember, and look forward to the next 50……Reflection and Projection……

I have truly enjoyed the first 50 years of my life, growing up in Guyana, the friends I made along the way, completing my mandatory 1 year of National Service, para-military training and teaching, going to college in New York and Alabama, pledging my fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha Inc., representing Guyana in field hockey from the age of 14, moving back to Guyana after graduating college and being involved in a major car accident, meeting my wife, being a father to my 2 amazing children, moving back to America in 2000 to start my graduate studies at Clark Atlanta University, working for BFA Environmental for 12 years, managing engineering and construction project that range in value from $25,000 to over $25,000,000, being asked nicely to become a contract employee of BFA (sounds nice, but it’s a nice way of saying they took me off their payroll, the sent me home, they no longer wanted me in the office, they couldn’t afford to keep me as a full-time employee…….I got sacked), re-focusing on our company (Roberts & Roberts Management Services, LLC/GGR Marketing & PR/Caribbean American Passport News Magazine), growing our publication form 5,000 copies per month distributed in Central Florida to 20,000 copies per month distributed STATEWIDE, watching children grow up from kindergarten to both being in college within the next few months, teaching them to walk, run, swim, ride a bike, drive MY car and now drive their own cars, watching my wife and grow in our marriage and relationship (and physically…..pounds added), celebrating all the various milestones with my friends and family (18th birthdays, 40th birthdays, 50th’s, 60th’s, 70th’s and soon to be 80th – my father 2017, 20 years of marriage…etc)……….all this and I ask myself what has my life been so far, what is my legacy? I’ll try my best to answer this question with the outmost of clarity.

Every experience in my life, every person I have met, every mistake I might have made, every success I might have had, every stumble, every fall, every high, every low, everything that has ever happened in my life, good or bad, has made me who I am today. 

I am me!!!! I do not and I will not ever apologize for being me. I try my best to be the best I can be, I treat my family as friends and my friends like family, I treat you the way I would like you to treat me, I love my friends and my family unconditionally. I’m goal oriented and driven by success, I am passionate about my life and my commitment.

My legacy or the message I’m given my kids, my wife, the kids or students I’ve coached and anyone who ever asked for my input or guidance. 

          *    Think before you talk and think before act – stop, take 60 seconds to think about it, then do/act/talkToday’s actions,

          *    Today’s hard work makes tomorrow a better day….school/college…etc Practice, practice, practice and practice some more and you’ll have a great game 

          *    Commit yourself to your life, it’s the only one you have………live it to the fullest

          *    Time, manage your time…”If you can fill the unforgiving minute with 60 seconds worth of distance run…..yours is the world…"

          *    Focus on your vision, your dream, your passion and don’t let the idiots of the world around you distract you from your mission/vision/dream.

My commitment is to make sure I leave the lives I’ve touched, impacted by my touch, the places I’ve lived have a monument that I helped mold, the people I’ve loved remember and know the sincerity of my unconditional love and the world I’ve lived in is a better place for the lives I leave behind.

“I Love My Life”




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