Positive Thoughts, Positive People, Positive Results

Positive Thoughts, Positive People, Positive Results

Caribbean and the minority communities have for so long struggled for survival and for our place at the table that we sometimes still think that there are limited opportunities and that we must therefore fight with each other for the right to succeed or to sit at the table.

We are still enslaved with the small minded mentality that forces us to pull each other down rather than lift and support each other. We have worked and served the Central Florida community for many years in community organizations, non-profit groups and business chambers. We have been told stories about just about everyone and their mothers, we listened to members of our community try to tear down others in the minority community with petty jealousy, tales of misgivings, and stories as long as you could is truly SAD.

I have often thought that maybe it’s because we just don’t see the big picture or because we’ve all come from small villages or towns or communities and we just don’t truly understand the numbers game. Coming from Guyana, where the population, for as far back as I could remember was 750,000.....even with all the new births, deaths, migration.....we’re consistent at 750,000. Jamaica has an approximate population of 2.9 million, Barbados has a population of approximately 290,000, Trinidad & Tobago has an approximate population of 1.2 million, Antigua has an approximate population of 92,000, Grenada has an approximate population of 110,000 and US Virgin Islands 106,000 (just to name a few). However the population in Florida is approximately 19 million, in the Southeast USA it’s approximately 88 million, in the USA it’s approximately 321 million, and the World population is approximately 7.4 billion.

Let’s breakdown the numbers game into numbers you can understand – Florida has a population of 19 million, the Caribbean American community represents approximately 10% of that 19 million = 1.9 million. Let’s assume there are 5,000 Caribbean owned business across Florida; if we just focus on the Caribbean American community, if 10% of that 1.9 million spend $50 per week with those 5,000 Caribbean American businesses that would equate to approximately $500,000,000 ($500 million) in total sales which equates to $100,000 per Caribbean owned that enough? DO THE MATH, let us work on supporting each other......spend local, grown national, think international and dominate the WORLD with positive spending.

Think big, there is enough opportunity out there for us all to get a large enough piece of the pie to live a comfortable life. We need to stop fighting with each other over the crumbs that are left on the table and realize that we are much stronger as a united community supporting each other and demanding a pie of our own......there’s enough pie for all of us to have a whole slice or even a whole pie for ourselves. We need to understand the mentality of the majority and go after the bigger markets for our products and services while also supporting our own local communities.

We spend too much time being distracted by the negatives and negative folks within our circles and our communities. I’ve said this may times and I’ll say it again.....”FOCUS ON YOUR VISION and YOUR MISSION, DON’T BE DISTRACTED BY THE IDIOTS OUT THERE”




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