The Transitions in Life

The Transitions in Life

As we transition through our lives we cross various milestones, hurdles, successes and failures but we continue on our journey of LIFE. Our perspective could make the difference between our success and our failure.

These are a few of my milestones, hurdles, successes and (maybe) failures –

This summer I crossed into the over 50 club (not physically because I still feel and look like I’min my 30’s, but in calendar years; I just turned 50)

     * Approach – make this the best year of my life, get back into physical shape (210 lbs) and make 50 years old seem like 30.

On July 11th my daughter was involved in a car accident that could have been a lot worse and it was one of the worse experiences of my life, the fear, the helplessness, and the gratitude that she wasn’t hurt more than she was.

    * Approach – I tried to look at this accident as a learning experience for both of my kids. Accidents force drivers to become better drivers because –

          - They learn from the experience

          - They are forced to face the fear of driving again

          - They get a better understanding of just how dangerous driving can be

May 2016 my son graduated from High School and will be starting college this summer. We will now have both kids in college which is a success and the adjustment of having them both move out and live in Gainesville will be a combination of a Milestone, a hurdle, a success, a failure and a MAJOR adjustment to our daily lives.

    * Approach – I believe that we are responsible for our kids from cradle to grave, I don’t think it ends at 18 years, or when they move-out or get married…..cradle to grave!! Being a                          parent is a full-time job and watching my kids grow from infants, to toddlers, to (whatever comes next), to teenagers, and now into young adults…..this is what life is                          all about, this is a success. It’s not the balance in our bank account, it’s not the size of your house…’s the making of a life, the molding of a child, the grooming of a                          teenager and the polishing of a young adult. Looking at our kids….WE ARE SUCCESSFUL.

August 8th through today we’re packing and shopping to send both kids off to college in Gainesville. They will be living on their own in their own apartment, having to cook, clean, shower, dress themselves and go to classes …..all on their own without our supervision. This is giving us major anxiety, and this is the failure in this story, the fact that they are so excited and looking forward to leaving us and moving out of our home! What did we do wrong….we did beat them (occasionally), we did make them clean their rooms, cut the lawn, clean the pool, clean the bathrooms, wash their own cloths, make up their own beds (daily), sometimes cook their own food, wash dishes, write articles for the paper, read and edit articles, pick-up payments for Ads, distribute papers across the State, work at our events, socialize with our friends…….I can’t see why they would ever want to leave.

    * Approach – we’ll change the locks on the doors, we’ll rent their rooms out to strangers, we’ll put the house up for rent and move out and provide a forwarding address, we won’t                            visit weekly, we won’t call daily to make sure they’re going to classes and eating properly, we won’t send them money when they call and ask, we’ll start running                                around the house naked, we won’t hurry home to make sure they have food to eat, we won’t do their laundry or fold their cloths……..BUT WE WILL KEEP ON TOP OF                          THEIR GRADES.

We all go through different transitions in our life and each life is our or your own personal life experience. Embrace your life, celebrate the milestones, clear the hurdles like an Olympic athlete, acknowledge your own success and don’t worry about the successes of other (the grass will always be greener on their side of the fence) and last but not least learn from your failures – every failure brings you closer to a greater success. Remember Thomas Edison “I have not failed, I’ve found 10,000 ways that won’t work”

Embrace Your Life and All of Your Transitions.




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