Democrats vs. Republicans - 101

Democrats vs. Republicans - 101

Another 4 years have gone by since we elected President Barack Obama and we find ourselves at a point in today’s history that is even more important than electing the First Black President in American history and it's not about electing the First Woman President either, it's about the basic foundations that America was built on "one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

The Presidential elections 2016 is probably going to be one of the most important elections in our lifetime.

Why: We've got the two major candidates representing two completely different platforms and I don't mean Democratic Party and Republican Party politics. However, let's first look at the main differences between the two parties – #DemocratsvsRepublicans 

Tax Policy:

Democrats’ support tax cut for middle and low income families, but believe they should be higher on corporations and wealthy individuals.

Republicans believe there should be tax cuts for everyone, both corporations and people of all income levels.

Social Issues:

Democrats favoring abortion and gay marriage, but are strongly for strict gun control laws that limit ownership. Republicans oppose gay marriage and promote marriage being between a man and a woman. They also oppose abortion and promote the right of gun ownership.

Labor and Free Trade:

Democrats favor increasing the minimum wage and also favor trade restrictions to protect American jobs. Republicans oppose increases to the minimum wage, and favor free trade in order to keep costs low for consumers and make businesses more profitable so they can grow. 

Health Care:

Democrats prefer government regulation and oversight of the health care system because it makes the health care system accessible to everyone.

Republicans believe too much government involvement in the industry will drive up costs and have a negative impact on the quality of care that consumers receive.

Social Programs:

Democrats believe that government should run such social programs as welfare, unemployment benefits, food stamps, and Medicaid that support people in need. They believe more tax dollars should be funneled into these programs. Republicans favor less funding and tighter control. Republicans favor supporting private organizations that support people in need.

Now let us look at the two Candidates:

Hillary Clinton is an experienced politician, considered to be the most experienced candidate EVER in the history of America.

Donald Trump has absolutely no political experience.

On the issues that matter to you

Issue:                                      Hillary Clinton                                   Donald Trump

Health Care Reform                            Supports                                  Against

Immigration Reform                           Supports                                  Against

Gun Control                                        Supports                                  Against

Increased Min. Wage                          Supports                                  Against/For/Flip Flop

Religious Freedom                              Supports                                  Against

Women’s Rights                                 Supports                                  Against

Green Energy                                      Supports                                  Against

Protect Social Security                        Supports                                  Against

The choice is CLEAR...Hillary Clinton, but PLEASE DO NOT take it for granted that Hillary will win...GET OUT AND VOTE, make sure everyone you know gets out and VOTES, we have too much to lose in this election...VOTE HILLARY 2016




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