The Power Of Your Words

The Power Of Your Words

We sometimes under estimate the power of our own words and the impact of the things we say. Our words can be used as messages of empowerment, tools of destruction, daggers of pain, walls of division or separation and expressions of love and passion.

I have always lived my live being cautious of the things I say in times of anger, while being a teacher (I know many people don’t know that I taught high school in Guyana as part of my National Service – 9 months of teaching Math, Integrated Science, Technical Drawing and Physics), while lecturing to my kids, expressing my love to my wife and even during times of passion…..most men would understand. Our words echo in the ears of our listeners and in the minds of their recipients long after they leave our lips. In teaching my kids while parenting, without the owner’s manual that should come with fatherhood, I’ve told them to stop before they do anything outside the norm and think about it for 5 to 10 seconds and ask yourself does this make sense “Yes” or “No” and if you can't answer clearly “Yes” then just don’t do it. I’ve used a similar lesson on myself when it comes to things I say, I ask myself “What will be the benefit or harm of what I’m about to say” and if I’m unsure of the impact I just don’t say anything and just walk away. My wife tells me that whenever there’s something I want to say but I don’t really want to say, I move my tongue around in my mouth…….what does she know, we’ve only been together for 23+ years.

We have raised our kids in an environment of open dialog and discussion on just about every issue in our life. Our kids get a chance to engage in conservations about everything from what color to paint the house to carpet or tile to Bernie or Hillary and we love to hear their sides and arguments to justify their positions. My point here with my kids is that it important to have open conversations with your kids and your wife, or husband or partner, where they are allowed to provide their input and we can all listen to each other’s explanation of our individual positions……….and then I make them all do as I say because I’m the BOSS …I’m the Head of Household….you know I’m me ('M'an 'E'ncharge – I know wrong spelling but I wanted to make my point).



In these most recent days I’ve come to embrace my thinking about thinking before I speak even more, maybe both of the US Presidential candidates should do the same. Hillary Clinton has made mistakes along the way and in most cases she has tried to apologize for her words. However, Mr. Donald Trump…..oh my God, Donald Trump…..I probably don’t need to say any more about him and the things he says and says and says and continues to say. I truly sympathize with the Republican Party, they have created a monster and he has now grown into their own internal atomic bomb that will destroy their party. Donald Trump has created an almost cult like following that lack the mental capacity to differentiate between political rhetoric and downright divisive political campaigning and in many ways this is because of the words being used my Donald Trump; words of division and separation…building walls, blocking Muslims from entering America, and restricting the freedom of women to make their our decisions about their bodies and their parental choices.

This brings me to my closing statement; we are responsible for the words and statements we make and the impact it has on those who hear them. Let us make a special effort to avoid the words that have negative connotations on those who hear them, try to be an inspiration to those with your words of encouragement. Let us use our words to break down the walls of separation, use words that share a feeling of optimism and upliftment, try for a day (or more) to only use words that inspire the people around you.

Letters make words that have the power to steal someone’s heart and capture their souls, however a different combination of the same letters can make someone’s eye fill with tears and give them enough pain to last a lifetime………choice your words wisely. 





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