What Makes America Great

What Makes America Great

Let us truly examine what make America great, not again, but Great!

America is a land built on the shoulders and back of immigrants. Every American, with the exception of the American Indians, can trace their heritage or ancestry back to somewhere else in the World outside of America. That, is simply what makes America Great.

Please don't take this the wrong way and I'm not trying to offend the Native American Indians by saying that America would not have been great if they were the only one living here. On the contrary, by adding ‘US’ to America, meaning ‘US’ as every different race, religion, nationality, culture, color, creed…etc, that all mixed together makes an amazingly diverse United States (US) of America.

There is no one Race or Religion or Culture that is superior to the other, there are individuals within each of the groups identified above who have done and continue to do unbelievably amazing things for this Country.

The United States of America is an immigrant State, it’s that simple. Whenever I hear these politicians making these statements about the ‘Immigrants taking their job’ …which immigrants, and which jobs? We’re all immigrants and we all need jobs and therefore take the jobs that we’re either qualified to do or are willing to do to survive and pay the bills. Again, it’s that simple.

I remember seeing a movie a few years ago called “A Day without A Mexican”. The movie was based on the society as it exist in California but it truly applicable to any State, County or City. California as a State went into total chaos. The director basically ran the film based on the daily lives of the citizens of California and showed live being normal when suddenly if there was a Mexican performing any job in California, he or she would just suddenly disappear. There were classrooms with kids going crazy because the teacher, a Mexican had just disappeared, the planes crashing on runways because the traffic control officers were Mexicans and they just disappeared, there were trains running off their tracks, there were news reporters disappearing in the middle of live broadcasts, there were criminals getting away from prisons because the prison officers were Mexican, of course there were fruits that weren’t being picked on farms, there were roofing jobs that weren’t being completed, etc, was hilarious but the message was clear.

I dare Mr. Trump to tell me one area of industry, one field of engineering, one job in America that isn’t being done by an immigrant? We can start from the top down or the bottom up and examine every job and you’ll find either a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation immigrant doing or having done that job. He can start with the man in the mirror, Donald Trump’s mother was an immigrant from Scotland, and therefore Donald himself is a 1st generation immigrant.

As you read this editorial I want you to ask yourself how many ‘immigrants’ do you know or better yet, who do you know that is not a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation immigrant?

What makes America Great…the Immigrants who built it and continue to build it every day of our lives. Where would America be without the immigrants? Whether you’re a 1st, 2nd, 3rd…10th generation immigrant, guess what, you’re still an IMMIGRANT, embrace it, accept it, live with it, or you get out of America cause this is the United States of American Immigrants.


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