I Don’t Hate President Trump for ending DACA

I Don’t Hate President Trump for ending DACA

I dislike President Trump for many reasons, but his decision to end DACA is not one of them.

 For those who don’t know, DACA was a program instituted by President Obama in 2012 that gave immigrant youth who were illegally brought to the US by their parents access to some basic privileges. These privileges included a social security number, work permits, driver’s licenses, and the ability to own/operate a business and attend colleges and universities in the United States. DACA recipients were obligated to provide a great deal to the federal government, and had to pay to renew their status every two years.  95% of DACA recipients are either in school or working. If a DACA recipient is convicted of a crime, they risk losing their status and may face deportation. DACA recipients are not eligible for federal financial aid, student loans, or most scholarships. In most states, DACA students don’t get assistance to attend school, but some do at least pay in-state tuition instead of international student tuition.

President Trump was under great pressure to abolish DACA, mostly due to extremely conservative right-wing influences. Some states threatened to take the issue to court. Had they succeeded and won in court, DACA would have been null in their states and possibly across the nation. As a man who is easily swayed by his peers, President Trump made the decision to end the program, while giving Congress a window to come up with a solution.

 Allowing Congress to come up with a new and improved program may actually benefit those who are classified as Dreamers. Under DACA, there was no pathway to citizenship, nor did these tax-paying residents receive any federal benefits such as welfare, food stamps, etc. These are all possibilities under whatever program Congress creates to replace DACA. President Trump has even stated that if Congress is unable to come up with a replacement, he will consider reinstating DACA.

In a national poll, it was found that over 70% of the population disagreed with President Trump’s decision to end DACA.  After his decision was made, President Trump received backlash from major companies such as Facebook, Apple, and Google. Many of those who opposed DACA only did so because of the way it was instated by President Obama, which some deem unconstitutional. If President Trump is able to replace DACA with a similar program in a way that appeases all sides, then so be it. 




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