Orlando Carnival Downtown 2018

The Original Orlando Carnival Association will host the 31st annual Orlando Carnival. The Carnival will be held Downtown Orlando on Sunday May 27th starting at noon. Free Parade starts the day then later, purchase tickets to the live show Festival at McCracken Field, Camping World Stadium.

Orlando Carnival Bands are invited to the Awards Ceremony on June 24th at the Caribbean American Heritage Month Festival.  

For more information contact GGR Marketing & PR 407-427-1800 

Entertainment Showcase


Ticket Sales

Children 10 and under free

Special promotional pricing available for early bird purchases

VIP Packages

All VIP packages include VIP wrist bands. VIP packages must be purchased in advance.


  • 5 VIP Tickets
  • Choice of 1 bottle of available wine, vodka, rum


  • 10 VIP Tickets
  • 1 VIP cocktail table
  • Choice of 2 bottles of available wine, vodka, rum, scotch


  • 20 VIP Tickets
  • 1 round table (seats 10)
  • Choice of 3 bottles of available wine, vodka, rum, scotch
  • Business logo on banners around the park


  • 20 VIP Tickets
  • 1 round table (seats 10)
  • Choice of 4 bottles bottles of available wine, vodka, rum, scotch
  • Business logo on banners around the park


  • 25 VIP Tickets
  • Special VIP area
  • Choice of 6 bottles bottles of available wine, vodka, rum, scotch
  • Business logo on banners around the park

About Orlando Carnival

Orlando Carnival is an event for the entire family, particularly those interested in experiencing the rhythmic sounds of Caribbean music, steelpan music and authentic Caribbean food.  Come out and  celebrate  with  the  Caribbean  American community with  from many Caribbean Islands and Countries including  Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Guyana, St. Vincent, Virgin Islands, St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, St. Kitts, Dominican Republic, Belize, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and many other islands and various states in the USA. Carnival is a family-friendly festival filled with pageantry and a weekend of parties will celebrate the culture of the Caribbean. Festival patrons are in for a great treat as we open the Carnival to the public by having a Big Carnival Celebration with music, arts and crafts vendors and more.

Sponsorship & Vendor Participation

A Message from the Association

Orlando Carnival turns 31, and the countdown to celebration has begun. For the past 31 years, we have presented, promoted and preserved our Caribbean Carnival culture through our Carnival celebration. Our Caribbean style carnival is very much like the Mardi Gras celebrations of New Orleans. We utilize the brightly colored costumes, rhythmic music, and a combination of dance that is truly Caribbean. In 2017 we had over 20,000 participants. Carnival celebrations have been known to attract the largest congregation of culturally diverse attendees and participants. This year we take great pride in inviting your organization, your company, to be a part of this community based cultural event that will provide direct exposure to the largest growing, segments of the community which encompasses the Indo-Caribbean, the Afro-Caribbean, the Hispanic-Caribbean and the Asian-Caribbean.

Our sponsorship packages provide a variety of levels of exposure to match your budget needs while still providing the maximum exposure.  Sponsorships allow your organization to benefit from the direct branding and direct engagement opportunities with the thousands of Carnival followers, attendees and participants. We will also be hosting a variety of events and activities leading up to Memorial weekend 2017 and Carnival Day - 28th May, which will offer additional opportunities to advertise and brand your company as a community partner within the Caribbean community.

These events can provide a significant amount of publicity for your business, and we hope you take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of this celebration.  Your investment in the preservation and  promotion  of  this  tremendous community based and family friendly event will pay dividends far beyond 2018 and our Caribbean Carnival celebrations.

Contact us if you would like additional information. Our hope is  that,  if  nothing  else,  you  will  join  us  for  a fabulous weekend where you can experience the infectious sights and sounds of the Caribbean right here in Orlando.

Mass Bands

Andy's Krazy Krew: 407-739-4425

Email: Andyplaza26@gmail.com


Carnival Krew Presents

"Out of the Caribbean"

Contact them  at 407 234 2231

To Play Mas in the special College Band

All Ah We is One Family


Sonia:  407-427-1800

The Carnival will be taking registrations for Parade in the following categories:

Costumed Bands -  $100.00

Parade Float or Car - $100.00

Cultural Musical Presentation - Fee Waived

Only Costumed Bands will be judged, however we invite groups to engage in the parade to celebrate the Orlando Carnival Downtown's 31st Anniversary. 

1 Citrus Bowl Place Orlando, FL 32805