All those "James Bond" gadgets we saw in the 1970s are no more just movie tricks


All those imaginations Ian Flemming had when he wrote those stories of super Brit spy with all sorts of gadget that could kill, bust out of chains or just fly off a cliff into the sunset -- have now become reality for big funded military and wealthy private citizens.

This video shows the Joint Prototyping and Experimentation Maritime (JPEM) Program in collaboration with Gravity Industries (UK) introduced a single person Jet Suit capability for rapid transit from shore-to-sea and from sea-to shore for joint missions such as Maritime Interdiction and Visit Board Search and Seizure (VBSS). It's just another level of using the resources to develop more efficient methods to kill humans and take what they have, all disguised as "defense".

One obvious problem with this jet powered flying suit is the noise. There is just no way a soldier will sneak into enemy territory without being heard and covered in a hail storm of bullets, and since the altitude max is about 500 feet, it would be like bird hunting and there is no effective method of self defense when in flight.

However if they decide to use the jet packs for good, there could be a whole rescue squad to reach people stuck in remote areas where a chopper cannot land.