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As the world teeters on the threat of global war and mass death, do you plan to profit from the turmoil?


The 2005 movie titled "Lord of war" shows how big military industrial complex (MIC) around the world, primarily UK, USA, Israel and Russia, make $trillions during a major conflict like that in Ukraine now and the long 20 year US military mission in Iraq and Afghanistan. Though there seems to always be wars in the African continent, skirmishes across South America, those countries don't buy the big guns like M1 Abrams tanks, B52 bombers, F16 fighter jets, 'cos the price tags tend to be in the $billions for each, therefore not delivering significant profits for the manufacturers and their investors who just want to see returns, regardless of the death toll. To sell big guns requires developed rich countries to hate each other.

The weapon producing countries saw great wealth during the 5 years of world war 2 when over 80 million people across multiple countries died brutally, and that profitable return boosted the crave to invest in making the perfect human killing machines to sell. The problem they quickly realized though, is in order to sell new heavy artillery machinery REQUIRES destruction of said machinery, and that can ONLY happen if there is war. It has long been rumored that the wars since WW2 have been INTENTIONALLY triggered by weapon manufacturer simply to have the destruction for profit. When the George Bush and UK prime minister Tony Blair regimes wanted to get the trillions in 2002, they started the bold lies that Iraq had what was called WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and they needed to stop him from using those. That gave them authority to attack the region and remain there forever.  The report of WMD turned out to be false within year 1, but the MIC ensured that the campaign continued for another 19 years. The MIC have made an estimated $30 trillion from that stretch, and over 200 thousand died, the majority being natives of the middle east.

Is it immoral to profit from war and death

Knowing the FACT that there must be destruction of military equipment and DEATH of poor people who use those tools (rich folk don't go to battle) in order to gain sales of the huge inventory sitting in the warehouses, would you buy stocks in military equipment manufacturing companies? You can make millions during this Ukraine war over the next 10 years if it continues that long, and quite possibly will, you just have buy in now. Would you look at those children that were blasted to bits while at the train station in Kharkiv and let your conscience deter you from wealth gain? If you don't invest because you are troubled by the sights, bear in mind that there are millions around the globe who will, so your non-action will not stop the violence. Already there are big construction companies bidding for the UA clean up and rebuild contracts, and they want to see more destruction of buildings and infrastructure, almost wishing and cheering for damage, because that guarantees long term income. Totally oblivious to the lives affected. To the profiteers, it's just business.

A drug dealer was asked why he sells the product, knowing that lives are being destroyed: his reply was "If I don't, someone else will, so it might as well be me". Are you like that pusher?

Sights of Ukraine conflict

Family homes in Kharkiv

Bodies in the wheat fields of Dnipro


Preparing dead slaughtered in Bucha



Wrecked tank on the street where once was daily hustling traffic