6 tips for millennial home buyers

6 tips for millennial home buyers

Tip #1: Get your finances in order before you shop. Talk to lenders and see what you can get preapproved for.

Tip #2: Don't settle on a home. "The one" may be the first house you see or the 10th. Trust your instincts!

Tip #3: Think long-term about what's best for you. A downtown condo may sound great, but how will that investment look in five years?

Tip #4: Don't assume that you cannot buy without first talking to a lender about what your options are. Buying a home is a step to financial freedom that you want to take!

Tip #5: Determine your 'must haves' for your future home. This will help you be sure that the house is really "the one".

Tip #6: Ask a lot of questions of your realtor. There really should be no question too big or small to ask, whether it is strategizing about a putting together a competitive offer or identifying an inspector or lender or anything else.

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