Beware of the fake crowdfunding campaigns targeting human pity

Beware of the fake crowdfunding campaigns targeting human pity

In 2017 a sad story was published at social media about a homeless man who gave his only $20 to a couple who ran out of gas on the road and people just wanted to hug him. Just the nonsense of a homeless man giving away money should have triggered doubt. The couple setup a crowd funding campaign to "help" the man and it quickly raised over $300k in 20 days from 15k sorry people who thrive on pity. It turned out to be a scam!

Prosecutors say homeless man Johnny Bobbitt Jr. and couple Kate McClure and Mark D’Amico conspired together outside a casino in Pennsylvania and plotted the scam. All the money went to Kate McClure's bank account and she barely gave anything to Bobbit. Of course there is no integrity among thieves so Bobbit called the cops and ratted out the scheme. Now they all face criminal charges.

The crowd funding website, GoFundMe which was the source used, has reportedly refunded all the donors.

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