Caribbean American Casmore Shaw running for Osceola School Board District 3

Caribbean American Casmore Shaw running for Osceola School Board District 3


Osceola County School Board District 3

Osceola County— 07-15-2020 — Casmore Shaw is an educator, community advocate, and parent running for Osceola County School Board in District 3. Shaw holds degrees in Elementary Education and Business Administration with a concentration in Supervision and Management, as well as an Advanced Certificate in Health Care Administration and a graduate degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a minor in Reading Intervention from Concordia University. He has worked at the senior management level in the areas of training and development, marketing and sales as well as education administration. Shaw currently serves on the Osceola County Housing and Finance Authority Advisory Board, the regional board of MetroPlan Citizens Transportation Advisory Board, and is a member of the Osceola Education Foundation.

Running on the notion that “only the educated are free,” Shaw firmly believes that education is the tool through which individuals can break free from mediocrity and embrace an expansive, innovative, and constructive world view. In the midst of a pandemic, it is vital that we look to transformational leaders to navigate community policies, especially as they pertain to schools and education. Shaw has a long and commendable history of leadership in civic service in Osceola County, including his role as a founding member of the Kissimmee and Kissimmee South Poinciana Rotary Clubs, past chairman of the Osceola Charter Review Commission, past chair of the Osceola Land Conservation Advisory Board, past chair of the Board of Directors for the Osceola County Library Systems, past President and Vice President of the Caribbean and Floridian Association, past chair of the Osceola County School District’s Affirmative Action Advisory Board, former Conflict Resolution Officer/Mediator, 9th Judicial Circuit, Osceola County.

VOTE CASMORE SHAW for Osceola County School Board on Primary Election day AUGUST 18, 2020.

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Casmore Shaw – Casmore Shaw for Osceola School Board, District 3

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