She went crazy in Virgin Island and called everyone "niggers"

It seems some white people have decided that now is a time to release their long held hate for all none white people, especially black folks.

This white trashy woman named Mickey Tronson, 64 of North Dakota, was on vacation in US Virgin Island when she lost her mind and began a racial tirade toward the natives.

“I don’t like niggers President Trump, whooooh. Obama, fuck you,  you motherfucking nigger.  Fuck these motherfucking niggers. I hate them.”

It's unknown what triggered her rage and evidently she was inebriated, however her words declare her character and there's no excuse and no forgiveness. She was removed from the island by the authorities but it's unknown if any charges were filed against her. It's likely she's now on their "no fly" list. This is the culture of "trumpism"! One of hate and absolute bigotry, the same cult as Adolf Hitler in 1930 and it will rise to the level of nazism if not defeated through democratic voting.

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