Visual Artist , Calligrapher and Sculptor TRINIDADIAN Sirju Seeharack Mohan

Artist in Frame

Visual Artist , Calligrapher and Sculptor  TRINIDADIAN Sirju Seeharack Mohan

The ceremony began with the Recognition of Versatile Visual Artist , Calligrapher and Sculptor  TRINIDADIAN Sirju Seeharack Mohan , he captivated the audience by painting a stunning Maharaja scene, live on stage. He painted on  a 28 x 40 ins canvas in Acrylics.  Sirju paints in every medium, oil being his favorite.  The  event was a Gala, red carpet  event which took place at the  New Pompano Beach Cultural  Arts Center on May 15th 2019 under the distinguished patronage of The Mayor of Pompano Beach, Rex Hardin.

He wowed the attendees because Sirju Mohan was dressed in a pure white pants holding a colorful palette in one hand , and with his other hand moved with such poise and dexterity that he mixed pigments and brushed his canvas with neatness. Not one dot of paint dropped on his white pants! What a feat!

His passion for Pompano Beach translates into commanding  compositions featuring former Mayor,  Vice Mayor, Broward County Commissioners,   Colonel ,  Captain and Deputy of the Broward Sheriff's Office, landmark buildings of Pompano beach and Pompano fish. In addition, some of his artworks were auctioned off at UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY to afford scholarships to deserving and needy students of Pompano Beach. His artworks adorn popular walls in Beach. For over seventy years Mohan has been painting  all of his life  and he has  received countless awards even from the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.  This Pompano Beach Award is his second most  coveted title.

Mohan has been asked to render the portrait of Nobel Peace Prize, Malala Yousafzai.   We look forward to seeing more of his work. 

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