Does The Confirmation Of Judge Brown To The Supreme Court Mean Anything For Black People?


When Clarence Thomas was appointed to the supreme court in 1991 with a vote of 52 - 48, the argument among the black community in America was that there would be proper justice for Afrocentric citizens, but it was not the case. What many black people didn't realize at the time was that Thomas condemned mostly black men to prison during his judgeship and was quite lenient on white defendants with the standard call that they were not criminally inclined, and that his white wife was really the one telling him how to judge. His "oreo" or "uncle tom" character has shown in recent times, but also back in 1994 when he voted to end the Affirmative Action with the claim that it was bad for black folks, even though he fully benefited from the program to get into college. So nothing good happened for black folks.

The same thoughts exist about Judge Jackson, but she has some similarity and may later prove to be just as extreme conservative. She's married to white man and her associations tend to be white people who are naturally influencing her decisions to favor them. No one is asking these judges to ignore crimes, but judge equally to decide if a black man was simply forced into a bad decision, and help him improve. Not simply imprison him for life to serve the for-profit prison industry.