July is Social Wellness Month

July is Social Wellness Month

Social wellness means nurturing yourself and your relationships. It enhances quality of life and provides a buffer against adverse life events. Social support can take different forms:

Emotional (sometimes called non-tangible) support refers to the actions people take to make someone else feel cared for. Instrumentalsupport refers to the physical, such as money and housekeeping. Informationalsupport means providing information to help someone.

Why is Social Wellness Important?

Research shows that:

People who have a strong social network tend to live longer. The heart and blood pressure of people with healthy relationships respond better to stress. Strong social networks are associated with a healthier endocrine system and healthier cardiovascular functioning. Healthy social networks enhance the immune system's ability to fight off infectious diseases.

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How Can I Grow My Social Network (during a pandemic)?

Take a walk with your pet. Starting a walking routine would not only give you another opportunity to be physically active, but it would also create more opportunities for you to meet your neighbors. Volunteer. You'll feel good about the cause, and you'll meet others with similar passions. Engage with others on your social media platforms (they’re bustling hubs right now). Have virtual (Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime) parties, happy hours, or simple check-ins with friends and family.

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