Orlando Carnival launches 3 days of a Caribbean Village for 2021

Orlando Carnival launches 3 days of a Caribbean Village for 2021

Orlando Carnival has launched it's 2021 event.   After much deliberation with their committee members and bandleaders, the Orlando Carnival planning committee has determined that they will proceed with Carnival 2021.   

In a recent statement, Orlando Carnival Downtown, Event Coordinator Guenet Gittens-Roberts said "we have to plan to create a festival that has a covid plan in place, which means reducing the amount of attendees, creating areas for groups to stay within their own table or area.  We also have to reduce attendance in the park by half of the amount of people that the space is designed to hold.  We are taking those things into consideration.  We are also having three separate events at the same park, with folks being able to attend the part of the event they like to reduce attendance on any one day. 

We anticipate the Friday to be an event that attracts the art lovers, the creative part of the Carnival community. It will be about fashion, about vision, it will give up and coming designers a platform to show that they can design costumes locally.  It will also tap into that creative Carnival lover, who will rework their costume and walk the aisle.   

On Saturday morning, the park will be stage for Orlando Carnival's Official J'ouvert Celebrations.  For those not familiar with this, it is pronounced Jou-vay.   and is derived from French patois and means "daybreak."   J'ouvert usually marks the official start of the two day Carnival celebrations in many Caribbean countries.  People usually said J'ouvert is paint, powder and freedom. 

On Saturday evening, we want to have the cultural part of Carnival in full effect, we would like to create an outdoor dinner theater type atmosphere for that event.  Ideally our older Carnival lovers can feel comfortable with this setting as it's not a party but a show that they can sit, eat, drink and enjoy.  They will enjoy the sounds of steel pan, the riddim section, drums, a bit of Carnival folklore and hopefully stick fighting while they explore Carnival across the Caribbean cultures, how it is different, how it is similar. 

Sunday Afternoon is Carnival day and while all of the mas bands are not participating in the parade on the road, they will be in the park hosting their usual revelers at their area.  Our Carnival theme this year is "Remember De Lime" and that's what we intend to do. We will have Mas Bands on the road, notably Fete Massterz Carnival Troupe has opened registration online at and are selling costumes for Carnival 2021. "

All of the Orlando Carnival Downtown events end at 10pm this year.   Thousands are expected to fly into Orlando for the Carnival weekend and the Carnival team wants to ensure they experience the flavor of an Orlando Carnival weekend by enjoying the fetes throughout the city.   Carnival weekend is a special time and Orlando is a special city.  We want to share what the city offers with the guests that will be in Orlando for the weekend, which is why we are carefully crafting out events that are set for early evening or late afternoon.   You can enjoy the city and the Carnival with your family and friends. 

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