The Grass Always Greener on the other side!!!

The Grass Always Greener on the other side!!!

The Grass is Always Greener

"The grass is always greener on the other side"  - We've all been there, looking at someone else's life and thinking of how good they have it, without wondering about their personal cost to get it.

Along my life's journey I've met many people living their own version of their best life. And honestly, there have been times when, I was much younger, I would some times envy the 'Grass' on the other side. However, with time and deeper understanding I've realized that we all are blessed to live the best life we got, with what we've got.

While the 'Grass' may look greener there are other factors that come with the greener 'grass'. In some cases the 'Grass' is actually artificial turf (fake grass), in other cases the 'Grass' was chemically enhanced (nuff nuff drugs), there are cases where all the person has is their 'Grass' and therefore they put their full resources into the 'Grass' to over compensate for the emptiness or sadness they may have somewhere else. I've had people look at my life and say you have really green and good 'Grass', without realizing that I had many times when the 'Grass' just wouldn't grow, or the 'Grass' was real patchy patchy and even dead 'Grass'. We've had to start all-over from scratch, start over with a plow, a rake, and buy new 'Grass' just to get it to grow and look green.

The moral of this column, as we go into Thanksgiving, is that we all have our basic struggles in life and we go through our own trials and tribulations to survive how we see best. Our 'grass' is what we make of it. This Thanksgiving season, remember the ones who aren't here to celebrate with us. Be thankful overall for life and the opportunity to take care of your 'grass' and create the best kind of 'grass' for your own mental, spiritual and financial health.

We have the ability to be content with our life if we choose to be thankful and have gratitude. There is nothing wrong with wanting more and striving to achieve more, that is basic human nature but remember that we control our own 'grass'. If you don't know all the trials and tribulations that your neighbor may be going through to keep his or her 'grass' green, then don't envy the greener 'Grass' on the other side. Personally we may not have all the riches and material things that we think we need but we love our life, our family and our friends...and that's the most important 'grass' to us. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

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