When human hate is strong, the people will give their soul to achieve their evil goal

When human hate is strong, the people will give their soul to achieve their evil goal

When the man Hitler began his campaign of hate and bigotry, he used the poor people of Germany to support him and get him into power. It turned out that his sole goal was just greed and wealth amassing. The masses remained poor while he drank the finest stolen wines and warm homes (he stole 15 mansions).

The same is true for Trump. His goal is wealth and his plan is to get it from the proposed segregation wall. He has created multiple shill companies that will be awarded the contracts to handle everything related to the construction, and of the proposed $5 billion, he will run off with about $10 billion. Of course the math doesn't equate, but his plan is to keep asking for money with claims that the costs have gone up. Just like the churches do for their never ending "building fund".

Since the crazed meeting with Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and day dreaming Mike Pence regarding hate wall funding, Trump put out a subliminal call to his hate mongers to take action, and they did by setting up a crowd funding campaign which has raised near $2 million in 40 hours. Hate will make white folks gather together to destroy other humans. That's how it was in Germany. He made earlier call to them by stating that if the hate wall isn't built, there will be riots. That statement alone should throw his racist ass out of the "white man's house" and put him in prison.

Regardless of this funding effort though, the wall won't be built and the Trump family will simply run off with the money. The racist idiots have yet to realize they are supporting a gangster who really does not give a damn about them.

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