far-right white christian nationalist rachel hamm says she begged god to send death angel to kill democrats! WTF?!


Someone once said "there is no hate like christian love" and the statement is on point with many of the extreme folks in the cult. Their interpretation of christianity is filled entirely with hate and violence, but it's not at all new. It's the same belief used by the Europeans of the period known as "dark age" between 500AD - 1500AD when certain people were defined as infidels and had no souls and it was OK to abuse and kill them at will. These types included Jews, Africans, Arabs, Asians -- pretty much non-white folks, and white folks who did not believe in or follow the christian religion.

These extremist religious types literally believe that since they have not suffered any penalties from their god for the actions they inhumane have done through history, it means the god is happy with it all and has "blessed" them with wealth for destroying "demons". For this reason they spread hate and violence without fear or conscience and express joy at the demise of people they hate.

Because these evil types own approximately 80% of the world's wealth, all acquired by very vile invasions and genocidal slaughters across the world, and they have the political and military power, this rise of global inhumanity will only increase and it is possible that the world might slip back into a deep dark period of mass illiteracy due to book banning and forced to read only religious books or not at all, and be punished if one chooses other paths. Proof of this is seen in the Russian invasion and murder of Ukrainians, mass slaughters across Africa and India by religious groups, religious oppression on women in Iran and Afghanistan and all other wars with religious affiliation.

In March '23, extreme right christian nut case Rachel Hamm posted a video at the right-wing site called "rumble" and stated that “globalists” plan to kill most of humanity, which prompted her to ask her imagined 'god' how she should respond. She insisted that the 'god' had responded by ordering her to “decree” that it would send a “death angel” to the U.S. Capitol in May to kill a wide swath of elected democrat politicians and the republicans that were against trump. Though one would argue that she is way late on that belief. Those "death angels" already got to the capitol on Jan 6 '21 and they failed to cause any change.

“An angel said, (yes she also hears voices in her head) I’m here to tell you your prayers and decrees have been heard and the date has been set. The death angel will visit the Capitol in the month of May, I’m here to tell you that an angel came to our house and told us that the death angel is visiting the Capitol in the month of May.” It's now June and nothing happened 🙂 so she may be hearing her own desires.

She has a following (as all bat-shit crazy christian preachers that spew hate) and they were happy to applaud


In 2022, Rachel Hamm decided to run for secretary of state in California because, she claimed, “Jesus himself” appeared in a closet in her home and told her to do so. Perhaps not surprisingly, Hamm’s campaign was filled with wild tales and conspiracy theories, especially about the 2020 presidential election.

Certain that she had been anointed by God, Hamm repeatedly warned that nefarious forces were going to try to “steal” the election from her. When she did inevitably fail to make it beyond the primary, Hamm predictably insisted that the election had been stolen.

In the wake her loss, Hamm has since become convinced that she is destined to serve as press secretary for former President Donald Trump, whom she believes God has “anointed” to be president again. She has urged her viewers to pray daily for Trump and against the people she says are partnering with Satan to keep him from getting elected again.