Gun sales matter more to producers and retailers than lives of common folk


When the Sandy Hook massacre occurred on December 14 2012, "legal" gun count in America was approximately 200 million and many thought such a terrible slaughter would trigger a reduction in gun sales. That was a wrong assumption. The right wing folks saw the massacre as a marketing OPPORTUNITY and used it to boost gun sales with statements like "a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun", but that too was a wrong assumption.

The wealthy conservatives will never support change to America gun laws until their family and friends are affected and killed by mass shooters. FACT!

By 2020 the "legal" gun count in America was over 400 million and is rising now that the laws have slackened to allow everyone to have a gun without checks. It's gonna be like the stories of the wild wild west. Just kill at will and claim self defense. In fact that claim will be necessary as everyone will now be suspicious of each other. It is the "new normal". In about 10 years it will be the standard expectation of Americans to die by gunshot instead of illnesses, traffic accident or plane crash.

The moment that shooting began in Allen, Texas on May 6th