Have America returned to the old days of racial hate as the law?


If this behavior boils your blood, what do you intent to do about it?

In West Palm Beach on Friday March 17, the white supremacist Jon Minadeo II and his Florida based hate group called "Goyim Defense League" were removed by cops from a location where they gathered to verbally harass Jewish citizens, and in the weak mind state, the racist white pig could only resort to slinging insults toward to mixed raced male cop. The cop had to retain his composure and take it all, but that's not their MO tho. Had it been a black, middle easterner or hispanic person, those cops would have thrown them to the ground and found something to charge them on. Maybe there really is a policy within the cop department to honor "white privilege" and these white nationalist are aware of the rule and taking full advantage.

It should be quite simple as a cop to target the racists for LEGAL harassment and continuously stop them on the road for exceeding the speed limit by any amount over. Those fines would pile up and lead to loss of license, then trigger a resisting arrest charge (that's what they do to black folks) and take them to jail. Once there, something happened and they all died. Instead these white men are allowed to parade across Florida and harass any non-white citizen. Evidently they are seeking a reason to start violence as they have declared, they want a "race war" as they believe they will be able to kill all non-whites and "cleanse America of impurity". At the end of the video, the racist referred to the mixed cop as "science experiment gone bad".

Christianity remains the common factor for white racists

The common factor of all white nationalist groups around the world since the era of European invasions of what they called the "new world", is they are all declared christians and make clear that it is the "will of god" to kill "infidels". That works to bring more ignoramus types into the groups because they truly believe a magical 'god' is white male and stands with them. They literally hear the "voice of god" telling them to kill, and who's to argue that they are wrong! They follow an ancient story book that has many statements of MEN hearing voices giving them commands to attack and kill all men, women, children and beasts and take the land (story of joshua), and they believe all those fables. The fact is the christian cult is the catalyst for the white racial hate in America and any country governed primarily by white folks, and they are determined to take the land BACKWARDS to the dark age and be able to kill at will without penalty.