If you feel like you are having a nervous breakdown due to the worldwide human insanity, you are not alone


Maybe all that conspiracy chatter about "new world order" and "illuminati" has some "truth". Today we see another attempt by military strong countries showing a clear intent to unite and dominate the global affairs, to determine who lives, who is prosperous and which religion to fear.

The christian crowd have long felt like they are the one true cult which owns the world, and they did have great control for 1,000 years during the period know as "dark ages" from 500AD to 1500AD. They ruled by extreme violence and mass genocide on humans which they considered unworthy and children of "the devil", and that meant black people, native Americans, south Americans and just about all non-white Europeans. The long evil era was labeled "dark" because the church denied science and imprisoned and tortured to death anyone who showed proof that the Earth was not flat or alone in the universe, 'cos 'god' don't plat dat!

When the Iran Ayatollah led a riot and capture of the country in 1979 because that extreme religious group believed the country had gone far from 'god' and needed to be "redeemed", they enacted very inhuman laws based on ancient cult beliefs and for the past 44 years the women suffered extreme oppression, murder, rape and absolute subjugation, all in the name of their 'god'. The same is true for Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the lands which embrace ancient islamic extremism.

Today across the developed world which are christian based, the extremists are determined to revert to the "dark" times because they too believe we have gone "far from god" and need to be redeemed, by means of mass death, imprisonment and inhumanity. We see the brazen attack on Ukraine by Russia which claims they need to be "purged and corrected". China threatening to do the same to Taiwan and North Korea threatening erry baddy! Israel far-right conservatives trying to erase democracy and establish a dick-taytor rule, causing massive protests. Israel threatening to exterminate Palestine and take the land, French folk losing their minds over retirement age increase and therefore go wild with burning, looting and insane anarchy.

However the greatest threat of all, is America becoming a christian nationalist dick-taytor country, totally erasing democracy and resorting to religious rule. This means another 1k years of illiteracy, female suppression and possibly enslavement of non-whites. The signs are all in place - banning books, controlling women's choices, hunting non-christians and penalize, public hanging and all the evil of European past. The extremists have stated that the country should be governed by "biblical laws" and that was never good at any period since it's just a story book written by men with evil thoughts and greed.

There is no such reality of "end of days". That's just a silly fear mongering story told in the religious communities to keep believers in control, and the preachers simply use it as a scare tactic to keep people in their flock and giving money. The super wealthy are not at all concerned with a 'god' destroying Earth. They are building rockets to move SOME humans to Mars and establish a new living space for intelligent life forms. The only destruction we have to fear is the loss of human ability to have free thought and choice.

To be free and have the opportunity to prosper, we must never lose democracy!