Is religion the catalyst for the rise in global hate and now threatening world war?

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The people who are spreading hate towards Jews, Muslims, South Americans and gays, all declare that they are doing so in the name of their christian religion. They spread so much lies and hate during the 2020 election and told their now proven minority crowd quite confidently that the hate master trump would win easily, and of course when he lost, they created the "big lie" of a "stolen election" and drove their followers into violence on Jan 6. It's a very evil cult!

When a group creates a 'god' that holds hate and requires them to hate, it is entirely a cult that is committed to harming others because they are hearing voices. It's happened before, for 1,000 years and it is on the rise today. They indoctrinate kids in rural communities to fear certain people just by appearance and to be ready to kill them because "god" requires death for "sinners".

The only way to stop all this religious hate, is to vote out Republican christian nationalism, else we become exactly like Iran and Afghanistan where women are hated and have no rights and anyone who speaks so-called "blasphemy" is killed. We must become better humans and be like the fabled "jesus", y'know, they guy that extreme christians hate.


This is a post from Elon Musk's grandmother who grew up in apartheid era South Africa, and she really hates that black people in America has rights.


and the head of the extreme christian nationalism crazies


Just rage and hate


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