It's carnival time across the world where ever the Caribbean diaspora reside, and it's all good


It starts with Trinidad & Tobago every year in February. Revelers from all across the world get their ass stuffed tightly into the gear they have been planning all year to wear when dey chip on down de road, and get to the island where the Caribbean style carnival (better said as carnaval) gained popularity. From there it cascades around the world in renowned cities such as Kingston JA, London UK, Toronto, Miami, New York, Orlando and so many more.

If you've never been to a carnival event, you are missing one of the best human experiences that have been gifted to mankind, and that's not good for your soul. You simply must add this to the top of your bucket list, especially if you live in Florida where the Orlando Carnival Downtown is staged every year in May. Age is irrelevant at the mas parties and inhibitions are left at your home, 'cos no one will be judging you, no one will see you fall dung and leave, there is no racism, no bias and no rage. Just freedom to party like no one is watching!

The parties lined for the 2023 Orlando Carnival Downtown, from May 26th - 28th, Lorna Doone Park 1519 West Church Street, Orlando


Sights and thrills of Caribbean Carnival