"it's gonna be wild" in florida as the trumpians quit their jobs to head to miami to start chaos for their man


The "magat" armchair warriors are in rage this past week of June 5 as their guy is AGAIN indicted on criminal charges, now quite serious with the real threat of prison time. What remains to be seen is if they actually take to the streets, as threatened on "truth social" grifting platform. They are calling it the moment for "civil war". Of course none of that will happen 'cos they all are weak and fearful. The riot on Jan 6 '21 was purely just a cascading sensational vibe like one feelsĀ  when at a football game. each person just reacted to the others. The folks who were literally paid to do mayhem backed down.

The real concern however is if Jack Smith is just ANOTHER trump paid showcase. That he chose to try the case in Florida, knowing that 95% of the populous is with drumpf and even the judicial system is on that side, does seem suspicious. It's like he wants to lose just to say to the masses, see I tried, and make the orangutan look like the "teflon don" and strengthen his support to gain POTUS. The Mueller investigation was clearly a fake operation for the very reason.