It's unfortunate that in many rural areas of some African countries there are people who still believe in magic


This Africa Dance is Called the Zangbeto And It's the African Voodoo Dance Of The People Of West Africa. Trust Me you won't FORGET what you see. Voodoo Is a religion that is practiced by the people of the coastal region of Ghana, Togo Benin and Nigeria and the Zangbeto is their main Police force. This dance is a show of power

No that's no "show of power", that's just damn lack of intelligence and men who see an opportunity to take money from very poor people and promise them wealth and prosperity. That level of mental simplicity and innate desire to believe that all things are magical and a 'god' exists that controls all, is what made Africans so easily enslaved for so long because they want to be subservient to what ever they believe is their superior.