An innovative product developed in the Caribbean has the potential to generate high revenue


The product created in Jamaica by Georgia Crawford Williams and scientists Dr Peter Nelson and Shannon DaCosta has been nominated among the top-three global innovations of 2019-2021 in the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). The top innovation award is to be presented to the winner at this year's staging of the IDEA conference to be held at the Miami Beach Convention Centre in the US on March 31, '22.

How exactly does it work? According to Crawford, each wipe comes embedded with a totally safe solution that has been through several tests to ensure it is mild on the user. After passing urine, the user will proceed to wipe the genital area as is customary. The urine deposited on the wipe will react with the solution to determine if there are any abnormal levels of glucose present between 45-90 seconds after use.

Additionally, while its launch product was more of a diabetic wipe, LifeSavers, in seeking to further expand its offering, said it would in short order roll out other wipes which could detect pregnancy and urinary tract infection (UTI). The company over the longer term has it eyes set on having all toilet papers being able to indicate to users the presence of other abnormalities.

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