Literacy in Florida reverting to the "dark ages" as the Christian sharia like rules are implemented by extremists


Parents react to Florida's religious extremists new "talibanism" laws which removes long standing literature from schools because they fear children will know too much about dark historic FACTS and seek change for BETTER. It's a dark era for America. We've seen the results of religious extremism in Iran and Afghanistan as women are suppressed, gay people are brutally slaughtered, books burned, freedom oppressed and evil rules. This cannot be allowed to rise in America.

Districts across the state including Duval County Public Schools are performing a mass review of all classroom libraries and media centers after the Florida Department of Education handed down directives intended to comply with state law.

In January Florida teacher Brian Covey posted a video of a school library where almost every shelf was empty. The video went viral, getting millions of views. Now, the teacher who posted that video has been fired and threats of jail time.

The most evil era on Earth was due to religious extremism

There was 1,000 years of evil across the world from 500AD to 1500AD when the church ruled by extreme violence because they had the very same ideology as the "desantians". They believed all humans should live by the rules of the ANCIENT bible which promotes stoning of women, bashing children against the wall, terrorism (fabled city of jericho), mass genocide, making women of "enemies" as sex slaves, slavery of the poor and just about all things evil. People who believed in competing gods or no gods, were imprisoned, tortured and burned, all in the name of doing "good". When the European "colonizers" invaded and conquered the American landscape, they brought religious extremism and began a campaign of slaughter of the natives, then later turned on each other with the "witch hunts" and torture, book burning and suppression of women. This is the life which Desantis and his hate group wish to implement in Florida and later around the land of free will.


This is life in Iran up to 1979 when a religious led government took control and began a reign of oppression and created "sharia laws" as define by an ancient Quran.


After religious Ayatollah Khomeini (AKA Desantis) led a rebellion in 1979