Make the most of free mass media sources like Twitch and Youtube live streaming. Become the media!


Many people today say "I didn't know that" while holding a $800 smartphone and paying $120 monthly service fee. Everything you need to know is available literally at the tip of your finger, and that is also true for live video streaming of any content. Your phone is your power marketing resource.

There are many apps available that will let you easily connect to one of many servers and stream a video show from anywhere. There are millions and possibly billions of people around the world doing live broadcasts daily for the good ol reason of making revenue, and it's very viable for many.

It's all about the content! A perfectly researched, planned and scripted 1 hour show gets more attention than 5 hours of pointless fodder. There are many who play music for hours and they do get an audience but it fades out quickly and viewers just skip to other channels. Many video streaming platforms have methods to allow multiple videos from remote locations (like Zoom) and that gives the ability to present opposition arguments and interviews with celebrities in distant locations.


While the phone method does deliver streams, there are way more advantages of broadcasting via a desktop computer. The software allows a variety of presentation tools that will make the production inline with those of the pros. The most common;y used ware is totally free and is very simple to use. It's called OBS (open broadcaster software) and it will make your show great.

Create an intriguing playlist and select for talking points during the show. The videos can be sourced from any website or from the local computer drive.


The live video delivery online

There are over thousands of streaming providers, but not all are free and it's best to connect with the popular types for stability and mass audiences. The popular revenue sharing platforms are: Youtube Live,,,


So put those devices to work and start that big media broadcast today and maybe you will become that next big show making big bucks. Of course you absolutely MUST promote your show to get an audience so be sure to set aside funds for an online marketing campaign, primarily via social media platforms.