Now that the alleged China spy balloon has been blasted away, what will China do? A Major concern

The excitement stirred by this balloon object in the sky across America is warranted, but all the childish behavior about it by adults in the houses of government has certainly proven to be ludicrous. Certainly United States intelligence forces has the highest technology to see into that object, what its technological configurations are, and determine if it is a threat to gather data or drop bombs. Any logical person would know that the reason the military was not even slightly frightened to launch a frantic attack is they knew it was totally innocuous. They did not choose to overreact as was the case of so-called "Battle Of LA" on February 24 1942 when a weather balloon was detected (some still say extraterrestrial UFO) and rumors quickly spread that it was an attack by Japan so over 1,400 anti-aricraft rounds were fired at the thing, and falling debris caused 5 deaths to people on the ground.

The sensible and well experienced president Joe Biden made a proper decision to let it float to an open space before blowing it up, with the concern for American humans. Other crazy folks that tend to have no concern for America, though they make such claims and even wanted to fire missiles into Mexico, went on a massive social media rampage to demean the Biden administration and label as "weak". Such childish silliness.

America needs people in power with stable and logical minds. Not the kind that stirs hate and segregation based solely on unfounded propaganda.

What Now

Now that the "China Balloon" has been blasted from American skies, what might China do? Did they send it to cause a reaction that would give them a reason to attack? Should we now all gather guns and stand ready for a fight? That is certain the stance being taken by extreme right wing types and being applauded and encouraged by the guy that attacked the United States Capitol on January 6th 2021. While the leaders of China could possibly be upset, they also are well aware of US military might, and when combined with NATO allies, the land of Zhongguo would be obliterated. All the autocrats want to be alive so they will all keep on talking, and talking, and talking. That is the reality.