OB-GYN explains how anti-abortion laws impact reproductive rights


The logical people of America CANNOT allow this draconian atrocity to happen once again in this modern and first-world land. We MUST get involved and engage with our local representatives to fight and stop this movement of misogyny and "sharia" hate restrictions from becoming law.

A woman should not be forced to carry a child that is guaranteed to cause health issues, simply because religious extremists want to implement laws which they IGNORANTLY think is written in the ancient bible. They believe a book that was used to validate slavery of black people for over 300 years, and to denigrate women and label them as "whores" unworthy of reading or speaking in public. Those so-called "laws" were made up by MEN who simply wanted to oppress women, and that mind state is what's driving the supreme court's decision on overturning Roe v Wade.