Scott Adams Tells White People to "Get the Fuck Away From Black People"


The Trump worshiper Scott Adams who publishes the "dilbert" cartoons for numerous papers for over 30 years has pulled the mask all the way off this week, declaring on his podcast that white people should “get the hell away from Black people” while labeling African-Americans as a “hate group.”

He referenced some ludicrous poll results which stated that a high percentage of black folks in America do not like whites. Well duh! 300+ years of enslavement and brutal abuse, followed by 200 years of injustice and oppression are certainly good reasons to despise a group which HATES blacks for unfounded sigma. And what's this "help" that white people provide? Maybe he's not aware that many black folks lifted them selves from poverty and built wealth, until racist types like him and trump attacked and destroyed those successful communities.

That racist garbage of a human said he’s now “going to re-identify as white” because he doesn’t “want to be a member of a hate group,” which he claimed he had “accidentally joined” with his trollish black identification. “If nearly half of all blacks are not okay with white people according to this poll, not according to me, according to this poll that’s a hate group,”

Well up yours "dilbert". All the media which he published his 'toons have now completely dropped him and he said he doesn't care because there are many "pure white" brands that will post his art and he's not apologizing. This is the true representation of the white male republican party which has moved entirely in full on bigotry and determined to make America a land ruled by "talibanism". Watch out.