She's just the all time female G.O.A.T within the Caribbean 'cos she's the icon of determination for success


When Fay-Ann Lyons was a child and watched her dad perform in Trinidad & Tobago, she always felt a sense of joy and just knew that music would be her career, but she didn't want to simply be "just another soca artist", she wanted to be the best, and she achieved that goal and so much more.

None of her prosperity was by luck or by handouts, this strong woman worked her butt off to get into the doors which were dominated by men, men who wanted her to "give it up" to get in, but she stood her ground and simply showed the world how good she truly was. She studied, practiced, practiced and then practiced more until she became a master of it all, and men took notice and RESPECTED her. Her strong will, business acumen, ear for great music and lyrical penmanship are the values which took her to the top. Yes, Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez is mosDef the G.O.A.T

She states in a Facebook post

Much love to all the women who sat where they not supposed to, who spoke up when they were told to be quiet, who stood for the right thing instead of looking the other way, who was told itโ€™s not your business and saved lives by making it theirs and who made change where there was none. We are able to so many things now because many did what they did and said what they said in the past. Stay Weird. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ look out for the interview.

The Trini power couple

Their 14 year old daughter Syri Lyons Alvarez is set to carry on the success of the family business