Texas rep troy nehls encourages citizens to kill anyone they feel is a threat just because they look bad


“you are given that 'god' given right. That means pulling out a weapon, and put two at center mass. You’ll reduce recidivism, won't you? And you won’t have a repeat offender.”

While NORMAL people seek to reduce gun violence in America, the hardcore white christian nationalist republicans are encouraging their following to go out with extreme hate and shoot anyone they simply assume is a threat. This just allows actions as done by the 80 year old white male that shot Ralph Yarl, a black 16 year old boy TWICE just for ringing the door bell at his house, and the cops let him free and just called it a mistake.

Historically evil acts have always been associated with people who believe in 'gods', and their "guide book" is filled with mass genocidal death, invasions, theft, deception -- by their 'god',  and they have simply believed it is a "god given right" to kill at will.