The 1970s era was soulful and Afro, but 1975 Notting Hill carnival needed costumes to truly be festive


This video is a reflection of the olden era of carnival beyond the Trinidad and Tobago borders where ex-pats tried to bring their island party spirit into their new "homeland" where the native Europeans set the rules. The 1973 recording does show few mas bands at play, but the crowd is not "wilding out" in sparkly costumes, chipping dung de road or showing any reveling excitement. Maybe the felt a bit oppressed by all the bobbies surrounding the parade, in an era when racism in UK was rampant and blatant. The island migrants likely had to withold their "winding" feeling in a very conservative land.

The early carnival in UK was very conservative



Today the Notting Hill carnaval is quite festive with roving mas bands and trailing reveler in glamorous costumes.