The clownish and vile nature of the current republican party is closely tied to christian cult extremism, and it is really bad for America


The 2015 POTUS campaign for Trump leaned heavily on the religious group of Christianity and presented him as a "messiah", even as a reincarnation of Jesus. While he did not directly utter those words, he approved the many billboards which proclaimed he was "factually" a 'god' or sent by 'god'. Unfortunately this had a disturbing effect on many fundamental christians who accept every word of the bible as fact and written by the unseen deity, and since for eons men have been killing men to protect their belief and their 'gods', they are prepared to do the same for Trump, as seen on January 6 '21 at the US Capitol riot.

This family from West Manchester Township in Pennsylvania named Daub, are reported to be die-hard trumpians and had their home and yard littered with "trump 2020" banners and flags, and they were deeply angered when he lost. Naturally they believed all the propaganda that the election was "stolen" so they gathered weapons in preparation to fight for what they believe is "right". They hoped for a "civil war". Neighbors have stated that there were times when they would not be seen for weeks because they were locked in their house, likely feeding on the lies via FOX and "dark websites" which declare "apocalypse" and "return of Jesus when Trump is returned to POTUS", and many believe that obvious nonsense. Unfortunately for many, including the Daubs, the preachers they believe tend to lead them towards violence and they do the bad acts with zeal. Because this family of 3, age 26 - 62, saw all the legal issues that Trump has and all the competition he is facing in the party, assumed he would not be president so "jesus would not return", made the choice to kill themselves and got to "heaven" WTF!

This is insane indoctrination and has infected many minds across America, to the point that the republican party has become an extremist "taliban" minded cult instead of an intelligent and clear thinking club. The actions of Desantis in Florida, with all the book bans, shipping migrants to "blue states" and directing hate towards gay people, is clearly showing the grouping leaning towards hitler like fascism. The childlike madness that occurred during the '22 and '23 State f The Union address by President Biden makes clear that the repub party is determined to destroy the long standing institutions and usher in a dark period of evil.

While one may say it cannot happen, just think of the people of the past that many said were harmless. Mussolini, Hitler and Khomeni of Iran. The people of Iran, especially women were free to thrive up to 1979. After they allowed Khomeni to take control, the country declined into religious extremism, hate of women, mass killings and imprisonment, all in the name of 'god'.

This extreme religious madness in America must stop now!