The current state of global insanity suggests a world war is imminent.


A video published across the web shows an alleged drone or missile explosion above the Kremlin On the night of May 2, '23 and now there is a direct call in Russia to "eliminate" Ukraine's president Volodomyr Zelenskyy with the claim that UA made an attempt to assassinate president Putin.

All countries outside of the Russian alliance are already declaring that it is a false flag, 'cos it is unlikely with all the high tech security surrounding the Kremlin and Putin, that a UA drone could get near the building without being detected at destroyed, also the battery life would not allow such a long travel distance. Since no damage was done, it's more likely that it is a Russian propaganda effort and they scripted the entire activity in order to stimulate hate and force Zelenskyy into hiding.

If the Ukraine president is assassinated, that action could potentially trigger reaction from the NATO countries and lead to a global destruction by nuclear weapons.