The current state of insane conservative extremism has been around forever. Consider the SINA movement of 1959

Nadine Brown Attorney

It was a time when the really extreme conservos were seeking more ludicrous ways to force societies across America to do what they (the crazies) wanted, so the bizarre cult called "The Society for Indecency to Naked Animals" (SINA) was created by one "Clifford Prout". He was a man with a plan to make every animal wear clothes because their nakedness was the reason for the breakdown social morality and focus on 'god', and he went on the to talk with Walter Kronkite in 1959 about it.

Well people paid attention and took it very serious, to the point that they marched on the Capitol to make the Kennedys clothe their horses and dogs WTF! One man even packed pamphlets in a plane dropped them as he flew across towns to spread the "gospel" of decency. How insane that must have been, but is it any different from the extremism at large right now?

The folks who claim that they want to get society "back to god" and to restore purity, decency and morality, are all willing to beat and kill anyone who challenges them or refuse their madness. They believe it is right by their belief to destroy and punish to make people live as only they want, while calling it "free will" and "freedom", they same words used by the taliban and they lands with "sharia law", and the methods implemented by the catholic church for 1,000 years.

It turns out that SINA was just a big hoax and the man who started it was a comedian by the real name of Buck Henry of New York and he just wanted to poke fun at the constant nag of conservative cries of the time, which matches what's happening today. The crazies that took it seriously were extremely outraged and even tried to keep to organization going, but alas, it faded away quickly. How bizarre that people could be so consumed with hate that they believed what any sensible person could see was completely ludicrous.



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