The genre of Hip Hop has created many new millionaires over its 50 years of existence


It started in basement parties in the depraved hoods of Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens in the 1970s as a form of dubbing poetry over music to make it entertaining, then someone decided to put it on a record and sell it.

It was the group called The Last Poets in 1970 with album that are recognized as originators of Hip Hop.

Of course it was not until the release of Sugar Hill Gang "Rappers delight" in 1980 that the genre really gained recognition nationally and globally and people loved it, could not get enough of that one track.

Though the music was beat up and down by the elites, it could not be eradicated because the poor youth of the era saw it as their ticket to success and just kept producing. Just like the millions of youth today that have used the available modern electronic devices in their possession to earn wealth from being social media "influencers", the youth of the 1980s had new electronic mini musical equipment on which they could produce sounds right in their bedrooms. Now 50 years later, the genre has made thousands of people into millionaires and beyond.